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    Quote Originally Posted by me_ccie
    I'm not to keen on that Snake Eyes but, if those knives are removable I 'll definitely buy him.
    What makes me think they are removeable is that they look a little big, and one of them is upside down.

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    I like that they are honoring Duke from the movie scene

    That Freedom bird looks like the Hasbro Direct
    WANTED: Two (2) clear visors

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    Quote Originally Posted by Average Joe
    I like that Snake Eyes. Do the crossed knives look removable?
    Yep, and so does that Wild Bill hat.

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    Awesome!! I'll buy em all! I'l kinda worried about the Viper though. the way his wrists are bent looks like there'll be Duke/Flint class weapon holding issues.

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    hey now those guys who were mad aboutthe hiss driver not being in the vehicle wont have to worry at all
    Im not Mad at all. Im just differently sane

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    IMHO this is by far the best looking wave yet! I know yet another SE, but atleast it is a new mold. All the rest look stellar. Maybe buy a second Duke just to paint the pack green and have a JUMP remake. Still all in all I have to agree they start looking better and better.

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    I'm glad it's a new Snake Eyes, and I think he looks really great. Each and everyone of them, even the Duke, is very well done. I doubt I'll buy Duke, but this is the first time I've not been bothered by a rehash of a previously released figure.

    My one and only minor complaint is that Spirit's face looks a little on the wide side. But, I guess they wanted him to look more like a Native American, which takes more than just giving him a comprable skin tone.

    Very, very well done. Cheers!

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    GOOD GOD!!!!

    That is the 1st Snake Eyes version I got when I was little!!!

    That wave looks awesome I like all of the figs minus the colors used on duke's body but is awesome!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Syna3sthesia
    That is the 1st Snake Eyes version I got when I was little!!!
    Me too. I was 3 in '82 when the line started, so most of my collection was '86 or later. It took a long time, and a lot of childhood playground trading, to get anything from before that point. In fact, I was in my teens before I ever got ahold of the first 2 Cobra Commanders.

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    isnt that snake eyes version 3?

    i was hoping for the 91 snake eyes when they labeled it version 4.

    oh well as long as they dont mind making figures from 89 before they do the likes of dusty, ripcord, alpine, mutt, etc.

    WHY NOT AN ALLEY VIPER they had a mock up at sdcc.
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