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    i like the snakeyes though id use a harness for the knifes,i dont like pegs on my figures and it would make the figure much kooler,anyone know how many figures they made of the old mold/
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    They forgot the Viper goggles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by firefly owns you
    isnt that snake eyes version 3?

    i was hoping for the 91 snake eyes when they labeled it version 4.

    ARE YOU KIDDING! Its version 34, wow we need that.

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    Duke - this guy dresses like I used to when I was in elementary school. 17 colored versions of the same shirt. I dig the flag and jetpack, though. Looks like a good guy for customs (not that I do, but I'd like to some day).

    Spirit - pretty sweet, the knife on his vest looks removable.

    Wild Bill - wow. Just a rad figure. Twin colts and holsters, also looks like the pistol on his chest might be remoable (as well as the hat). Pretty neat.

    Snake Eyes - ummm...I think this version was well past my time, and the ninja stuff doesn't particularly interest me. Lots of accessories, though!

    Viper - very nice. Why does this guy need goggles in the first place? He's wearing a face shield.

    HISS driver - wow, best of the bunch, IMO. The most "outrageously" colored figure in the 25A line so far, but he looks sinister. Digging his torso.

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    Wild Bill is amazing looking.

    Spirit is great, although I don't like the use of Shipwrecks body* so much, but it works overall. *(this may the reason for the anchor belt being removed in recently released figures)

    However, H.I.S.S. Driver and the Viper really make my day.


    Snake Eyes v4 is actually as it turns out...v3???Ugghh, I hate that version. I was so happy to ehar they were doing v.4,a nd now it's not that one at all.

    Duke is an utter waste of time. I will not be buying this at all. Why pass over the other 3 possible legitmate choices, Tiger Force, Starduster (a stretch), and the Anti Venom team version, for this?

    Why are figures still getting wide crotches? That design style should have not made it past wave 3. While the H.I.S.S. Drivers crotch doesn't look enormous, it could still pose a problem. Here's hoping to the fact that these are early stage protos.

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    The Snake-Eyes looks kind of cool; too bad I'm tired of him.

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    Holy cow

    This is an outstanding wave, every figure is a must! I even dig that Snake Eyes that's a lot to say.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lody666
    That Freedom bird looks like the Hasbro Direct
    It is, just different paint. The Timber we got with V2 Snake Eyes was reused from the VvV line also. I'm really hoping we now see Mutt using the Junkyard we got with DTC, because that was a good Junkyard.
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    Where's Bludd? He was part of this wave, no?
    "Get a life will you people! I mean look at you, look at the way you're dressed. You there, you must be almost 30, have you ever kissed a girl?" - William Shatner

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    nice wave. the viper and wild bill i like the best. i even like the servant and master snake eyes.


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