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    coool I like the way the set is
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    I like them.

    I could do without Duke, but otherwise, I'm very pleased with the set. Duke's at least got pretty good accessaries. The other's look great, I even like the Snake Eye's, that version was one of my favorites, although not the first Snake Eye's I owned.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Volleydan
    Wave five was cool, but this one looks as if it could top it.

    Wild Bill may be my favorite 25th figure yet...with the HISS Driver close behind. The Viper was worth the wait, and Spirit's accessories more than make up for his oddly shaped face (!). I guess I'm in the minority, but this version of Snake Eyes was always my favorite.

    About the only one that makes me think "whaaaat??" is the Duke. I know (I don't like but I know) why we're getting 100s of Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow figures...but why so many Dukes? Or is it Dukii?

    Hey - I just remembered something....this is wave "7". I don't remember seeing pictures of wave "6"?????
    If they don't keep making Duke, they're going to make another movie where he dies in it. And nobody wants that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by firefly owns you
    isnt that snake eyes version 3?

    i was hoping for the 91 snake eyes when they labeled it version 4.

    oh well as long as they dont mind making figures from 89 before they do the likes of dusty, ripcord, alpine, mutt, etc.

    WHY NOT AN ALLEY VIPER they had a mock up at sdcc.
    I believe all the Moc ups at the Convention were all figures they didn't plan on doing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joebern28
    Anyone have a pic of the DTC junkyard? I would like to see an updated version of him.
    It's a great Junkyard. Hasbro has to make Mutt. Hopefully Blowtorch and Recondo to go with him too.

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    I wish Duke had that flame thrower gun from the opening of the movie.

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    Those look great. It's too bad that Duke doesn't come with a bomb to stick on the COBRA airship. Even better, he could come in a three-pack with CC and Destro (or was it Baroness? I forget). CC could be attached to a Trubble Bubble and have a button you press where he screams, "COBRA RETREAT! RETREAT!"
    Okay, that'd be stupid. But it was funny in my mind for a moment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by spiderpumpkin
    They forgot the Viper goggles.
    As long as it doesn't cause an uproar like the NO-Gloves-ON-FLint situation I think he'll still sell.

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    I want... no, I NEED at least 40 of those Vipers!

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    I can't wait, this is so rad!


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