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    I think the HISS Driver looks absolutely fantastic, definately going to be my favorite 25th Anniversary figure, can't wait until I get my hands on him!

    Good to see a different Snake Eyes at least and he looks really good.

    Spirit, looks good but I'm going to wait and see how he looks without all that stuff.

    And of course a Viper is always going to look awesome

    Not such a big fan of Duke though...

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    Would it be safe to say i like the series judging by the fact i pre ordered all of the figures 2 min after i saw the pics?
    Looking for 25th IGs,Alpine,Leatherneck and Short Fuze

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    I have this wave pre-ordered though I have no interest in Snake Eyes and Duke. The rest look awesome and hopefully Major Blood will look great too.

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    I'm so stoked about this wave. They all look awesome. Not my favorite snake-eyes, but the three part comic where he got the suit (and was originally unmasked) was good. Now if we get get either the payne brothers or enough parts to lb custom them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by XtremeWRATH360
    Would it be safe to say i like the series judging by the fact i pre ordered all of the figures 2 min after i saw the pics?
    This is the first case of figures I've pre-ordered.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stad
    This is the first case of figures I've pre-ordered.
    I have every future set pre ordered. Im done looking for figures and finding nothing i will just order from the net and play the waiting game.
    Looking for 25th IGs,Alpine,Leatherneck and Short Fuze

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    All those look pretty good. I'm not much of a Viper guy(I prefer the troopers/officers), so the missin' googles don't bother me. If they don't end up comin' with it anyways.

    But the HISS driver looks freakin' awsome. I've always liked that figure. But WildBill is my favorite of the wave. Bein' from the Cav myself, it's awsome to see WB finally get a good Stetson.

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    This wave is decent, though I'm not completely thrilled with the character selection. The HISS Driver and Viper do look pretty darn good. Wild Bill ALMOST looks great... but is it just me, or does his head look small? Spirit, it's tough to tell, as when I clicked on it, I couldn't see a larger picture. Looks decent, but his stance just seems too wide. Snake Eyes actually looks like a great figure, but it should have been done a year from now. Just waaaaay too many Snake Eyes out there. The same with the unnecessary Duke in this wave, though at least they gave him some decent accessories.
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    I've always been a hugh Viper fan, so that new Viper really rocks me. I can live without the already griped about goggles, because I've ALWAYS wondered why he had them...while he had a face plate on his helmet. I know the original had the goggles...but, a lot of the original figures have things about them that are different from their 25th remakes. Most importantly (in my mind) SEv2's boots. The original didn't have boots! It was a rehash figure, I know...but still.
    Spirit looks awesome, I think. I wish they'd not made his face so wide, though. Other than that, he still looks pretty wicked.
    It's about time we get an appropriate Wild Bill. That v2 that looked like a village people outcast was weak.
    The HISS driver is pretty awesome. Head looks small though.
    The SE is pretty cool, though. That was the first SE I owned...and if those knives come off, then he's a true winner.

    All in all. Imma give this wave a thumbs up.

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    I think Spirit is going to be one of my faves so far

    Wild Bill's head does seem a tad smaller than the rest, btw does anybody know if his helmet comes off?
    http://www.joetoonarchive.com/ - Great screenshot archive ;)


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