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    I just ordered Flint, Roadblock, SE and PP Officer on HTS. When I see gas prices climbing daily I don't mind waiting for them to ship late July.

    This will be the first wave I don't get every figure from. Couldn't care less about a blue Baroness (call me when they do a REAL "comic book" version), and I'm still on the fence trying to decide if my DTC Mjr. Bludd needs replacing.
    I'm happy with the guys I ordered though. I like that new Roadblock.

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    ...My wave 8 case just arrived today! (I said to heck with it & ordered it for about retail from an E-Bay seller!) I was pretty happy with all of it!

    - Major Bludd: Despite being an odd re-use of Zartan's mold, It's not THAT bad. The armored arm (NO, it's not bionic!) is nicely detailed, and based on its intricate sculpt, I'm guessing that's why they left the joint out. If you push the dogtags down firmly against the shoulders, they stay in place & look just fine. Nice detail on the rocket-blaster & backpack!

    - Tiger Force Flint: This figure makes up for almost everything wrong with the first release! The buffed-out Shipreck arms and proportionately reduced head make him look as bad-assed as you'd think he should be! And he has a backpack-hole! (but still no backpack?!) Only thing he needs is a fixed crotch & a backpack... And to be re-issued in his classic colors using this mold!! (Hasbro, do this soon... Please!)

    - Roadblock II: Much nicer than you'd think. Yeah, the vest is a tad bright. I chalk this up to being "from the cartoon"... Nice use of the S.A.W. as well! And before anyone argues the belt-fed ammo, That particular gun is available in belt-fed AND box-clip ammo-feeds... (I researched the gun back when the DTC Saw-Viper came out!) Besides, the SAW makes more sense in an "urban setting" (Didn't they subtitle this one "Urban Assault"?), as it's a high RPM medium-to-heavy machine gun that is probably much easier to handle in tight, "boxed-in" settings. Plus, just slap the backpack from Roadblock I on him, and you don't even get a dragging belt-feed!

    -Cobra Commander: Much nicer in this deeper shade of blue! The MASS element is a nice touch! Honestly though, this CC mold needs a NEW HEAD. It's just too obvious that even a roadblock-sized noggin wouldn't fit inside that chrome dome... But good news! He can sit down now!!

    -Arctic Snake-Eyes: Wow, this one's really nice!! I expected a re-use of Snow-Job, but except for the skirt, he seems all-new! Imposing-looking & well-detailed! I like the sword he comes with... something about the black handle, shiny silver, & red clan-mark... And wow, snow-shoes?

    -Baroness: True to her CARTOON (not comic) appearance in "Real American Hero"... Nice head-sculpt, not much else to say... However a careful application of red sharpie marker to her lips, and she's MUCH better!

    -Python Officer: Hey, it's a repaint of the Trooper. What can I say? I wasn't a fan of the RAH "Python Patrol" except for Copperhead & the Vipers! However, the color-scheme on the "Valor vs. Venom" Vipers & Tele-Vipers rocked!! (I have like 20 of each...)
    ...the last figure was the Viper. Same deal as wave 7, but with a "from the cartoon" stamp in the corner... That makes 12 for me!
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    Quote Originally Posted by KolobosRexx
    -Baroness: True to her CARTOON (not comic) appearance in "Real American Hero"... Nice head-sculpt, not much else to say... However a careful application of red sharpie marker to her lips, and she's MUCH better!
    Not exactly...
    I just do not like the molded on glasses.

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    I just picked up PP tropper, Major Bludd, a Viper and TF Flint. Major Bludd was on the foil card. Everyone else (inluding the Viper) is on a more glossy sort of card with a caption in the top right such as "From the Cartoon series"

    I picked up a Viper a couple of weeks ago and it was the foil card. I passed on Baroness, Roadblock, SE and CC.
    WANTED: Two (2) clear visors

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    I also just noticied that the Viper and PP does not have the 25th ANN foil stamp in the top right.
    WANTED: Two (2) clear visors

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    Got my hands on these in the past few days. Some thoughts...

    - Tiger Force Flint: The figure I've been looking forward to the most in this wave, since I haven't been able to acquire the original release. The dark green legs and brown camo torso looks great, and the head sculpt is nice. I like that the pistol fits very snug in the holster, and his left hand is molded perfectly for the weapon, trigger finger and all. I've been able to achieve some nice poses. Overall, aside from the lack of detail on the back of the web gear, I can't find anything negative to say. Very well done figure.

    - Roadblock: City Assault. Had high hopes for this repaint, as it was one of my favorite figures from the original line. Some good things; I like the vest. Yes it's lime green, but well detailed, and gives you the impression this is something peace keepers would wear in a war torn city to stand out from the mercs and military. The head still looks like Charles Barkley, but this particular figure has more careful eye/facial hair paint app than my original, YMMV. It's still Roadblock, and the shoulders are still ridiculously round, the hands are specifically molded, and the elbows are...different. It took some work to gain a realistic two-handed gun holding stance. I do like the included gun much more than V1, so if you don't already have RB, this will do fine. Otherwise, meh.

    -Cobra Commander: Haven't opened this one yet, but to be honest it's entirely boring. Another CC, woo. A mass effect crystal and a slightly deeper blue color. The head is still too small.

    -Arctic Snake-Eyes: Another Snake Eyes? Yawn. Until you get your hands on it, you might feel that way. This is one of the most detailed sculpts yet! Lots of cool accessories as well. The snow shoes fit onto the backpack nicely, and the skull necklace is a nice touch, though not easily removed. I would've liked a bit more color in paint application, removing the voodoo-like skulls leaves this SE a little plain on color, but still high on detail. The hoodie sticks out on his back, leaving little room for the backpack to stay secure, and it falls off easily. A cool figure that is close to perfect on execution, and almost flawless in design.

    -Python Officer: I didn't like the look of these when they were announced, and vowed not to buy them. Purchased two today because I can't resist, and they're awful. Left one in package. It's a trooper repaint, sure, but this is sub-standard. The hands are soaked in so much yellow paint as to render gun posing almost impossible. They look like clown hands, and the rest of the color combinations make it worse. Gray helmet and boots, with yellow accents on the knife holster and pea green web gear? This is the ugliest Cobra Trooper yet. The knee pads aren't even 'python-ized', they're just black. Sloppy, lazy, and ugly. Check please!

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    I'm not sure it counts as a variant so much as an attention to detail, but I've noticed that while the first appearances of Wave 8's Commander had pretty poor helmet-stripe applications, the later shipments have all looked much better with very sharp, thick paint applications. Maybe they fixed the paint-masking process.

    I kind of wish his uniform was as light blue as the Comic Book version, but with all the details painted correctly. Maybe I'll repaint the comic one a bit.

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    ok,i was gonna ignore this filler wave but like others i couldnt resist.

    Python officer: ok so its another repaint,but i think its got potential. as a custome base,i plan on repainting the helm and boots and scrapping the chest straps. and the hands need a little paint removal. then i think that would make a kool night trooper or black ops trooper.

    Artic snake-eyes: well lets just say it at first i thought anouther snake,yawn. but he just looks so kool, just on his own,im gonna scrap the necklace but everything else rocks.

    now to look forward to wave 9. whens that due out?
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    It is a quite god idea. But I don't think it will be officially distribute.

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    Any chance this thread could be un-stickied? Not that it matters, just looks like its wasting space.


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