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    I would not put much merit into these. They look sort of goofy to me! Although, I like the PP Cobra.
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    I actually really want a CC decoed like that. Hopefully we at least see that one.

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    So We're gonna get Kwinn? Great! I like the looks of the TF Flint too! (he has gloves!) Why is Major Bludd's face blurred out in the pics? Oh! I know! cause he has a Zartan head too!

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    Oh no. I have lost faith in Hasbro.
    Wave 3, or 8, or whatever, looked awesome. Now we have a pointless CC, an even more pointless SE, a pointless Flint, a pointless RB, and a pointless Baroness...since they never released her basic version on single card. Why in the F*** would they release a set of figures that are all new versions of characters already released...when there are a friggin' million characters that haven't been made at all. Lame. Lame. Lame. Lame. Lame.
    The only "new" character in the set is Bludd...and, he's just a Zartan figure with a new head. I mean, are we sure they didn't just swipe the arm off the 83 Bludd and put it on this figure? Lame. Thanks for ruining Christmas, Hasbro.

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    I like them all. The '86 Roadblock was my first figure of that character, so I'm glad to see that version make it into the line. The cartoon style Cobra Commander is looks good, as does Major Blood. The Python Patrol Trooper is pretty nice, as is the comic colored Baroness. Snake Eyes in arctic gear looks pretty good.

    And, notice that Tiger Force Flint has gloves.

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    Bummer, the only fig I want out of the entire wave is Flint and the Python Trooper the rest of them are terrible.

    The expectations have been raised due to wave 5 and 6 but this wave is terrible!

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    It takes a long time to crank out new molds. Look how many we've seen so far. Like wave 4 was a "filler" wave, that's what this appears to be. Hasbro does this with their Star Wars line. That's all Saga Legends are, "fillers" till the next wave of basic fig's are ready.

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    Not that I'll buy most of them, but I think they do look cool. As much as I hate not seeing several new figures, at least I'll spend less money and time chasing these down.


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