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    I like the Snake Eyes. I like the Roadblock... except for his unwieldly left hand, and the fact that the M249 has huge ammo and a tripod. Not excited about PP, "Baroness", or CC (although I like the element prop). I really like the Flint. Bludd, I actually kind of like.
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    Does anyone have a screencap or image of what they are going for with Baroness? I just can't picture it in my mind.

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    slicer x and the ( major retailer) comp strike again:

    reported back in November:


    According to Slicer-X at the Joesightings.com boards
    here's what's going to be in Wave 7 & Wave 8:
    Wave 7 (2008 Wave 3)
    COBRA HISS Driver
    COBRA Viper

    Wave 8 (2008 Wave 4)
    Roadblock V
    COBRA Officer
    Flint (Tiger Force)

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    Quote Originally Posted by slim19722
    ...aw, son of a Sea Serpent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kthakkar
    Does anyone have a screencap or image of what they are going for with Baroness? I just can't picture it in my mind.
    first mini series:

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    Quote Originally Posted by DEAD MINT STORMSHADOW
    But waaaaaaait... I thought it was all a hoax. Or so said the know it alls...
    Yeah, well. I was really suspicious of that Major Bludd, given Hasbro's continuing assurances that they were working hard to "get him right". I thought there was no way that meant "We're repainting Zartan!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by skinny

    Ohhhhkay.. its all coming back to me now. I Remember blue-ish suit and the quilty yellow parts in the comic as well at first... wow.. they missed the mark on that one in my opinion. At least theres a few figures I feel okay with skipping finally!

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    Honestly....this serious blows for the most part. Only figures im interested in are Major Blood though i agree he looks terrible and the other is the Python Trooper. Overall compared to Wave 7 this is a major step down.
    Looking for 25th IGs,Alpine,Leatherneck and Short Fuze

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    Darn. So I was wrong about the "custom" thing

    Nothing to get me too excited about this wave. Bludd is a cop out. A main Cobra baddie should get his own mold. At least for the first version.

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    thats ok my first baroness vision was uhh blonde ( coloring book)

    anyone else notice that the description for TF Flint says "fixed"?

    I like the Baroness fig
    never liked that outfit on Roadblock and I hate that helmet
    Tiger Force meh
    Snake eyes w parka cool.. weasel skull necklace
    major bludd meh again
    CC all look alike anymore.
    PP Cobra meh meh meh

    still will buy them but goshagolly id rather see some new characters not version 2 or 3 or in Snake Eyes' case 8 or 9
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