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    Quote Originally Posted by dockingbay97
    I am not saying you can't collect AFA graded items - more power to you if you want to.

    I know of no one on the YoJoe staff who was banned from Rebelscum - and certainly not me. I am still an active member there. I am not for sure who you are trying to refer to.
    I think you know exactly what I am talking about.

    This site is incredibly narrow-minded. I think it is hilarious how some loose collectors are threatened by AFA and sealed collecting. Seriously, like the AFA bashers who are loose collectors have room to talk. How would you like it if all of the AFA collectors who never visit this site because they think it's a joke posted on here about how lame loose collecting is.

    Other websites have evolved and welcome all facets of collecting regardless of whether it be loose, prototype, MOC, MISB or AFA. However, this website remains a dinosaur with almost 100% loose collecting and no dedicated section for sealed or AFA collectors.

    What is a shame is I and others have obtained amazing knowledge with our contacts and collecting. I have sealed items that no one has even seen and aren't pictured on yojoe. I have prototype material that no one even knew existed. I guess in my "joeverse" (and yes that's a dig) there is a forum where I can post and talk to other members about sealed or AFA items without having to uninformed comments from AFA bashing loose collectors that don't know the first thing about high-end sealed collecting.

    That's my 2 cents and I'm not coming back. I encourage you to check the news this July if you still question my collecting choice.
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    I've never seen anything indicating that this was a pro-loose collecting site and an anti- sealed collecting site. Lots of people get sealed stuff here. Lots of members here collect loose stuff. I see people talking trash about the AFA organization, but not about MOC collectors. I myself would have no problem with AFA if they were exactly what they describe themselves as. But their system is extremely flawed. Does that opinion make me anti-MOC collecting?
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    I have no idea what you are talking about - seriously. You can continue this offline if you want to enlighten me. In the meantime I have to assume you are referring to myself, you are 100% wrong if you are. I have been a member there since 2002 and have never been banned, suspended, or in any other way removed from there. Or even in any trouble there.

    And I am sure TattooShane will happily vouch for this since he would be in full knowledge of any actions taken against me as an admin there.

    And I know of no other YoJoe staff members who were banned there either.

    And I am in no way bashing AFA collectors. To each their own I say. I have no right to tell anyone how to collect the things they like. In full disclosure I even own a couple of AFA graded toys and even had one of those graded myself.

    I don't think I have even posted about AFA over the last couple of years other than to tell people not to fight about it. I am more tired of the bashing than you - I get the fun of cleaning up the mess afterwards.

    I am just trying to point out the in my humble opinion a grading company should be 110% unbiased. When there is shared ownership with a dealer or even perceived shared ownership, I have to question how unbiased they are. Because if there is any shared interests between the two companies, you have a natural conflict of interest.

    That is all.

    So to those who collect AFA, keep on your collecting path.

    To those who don't, keep on your collecting path.

    This site isn't a dinosaur or anything else you describe. You don't quite understand the hobby I believe. You have a vintage Star Wars collecting mindset in a Joe hobby that hasn't matured to that level yet. This isn't meant as a dig against Joe collectors either. There just isn't the same interest in pre-production and rarities here as there is in the vintage SW world. This is slowly turning around in the past couple of years but it has a long way to go.

    So maybe instead of telling us how ignorant we all are because we don't know what gems you have, why not start a thread here and post about them? Why not educate us on these items instead of throwing stones at us? You know it goes both ways - if you want respect, why not give us the same? I am certain we would all love to see what you have - I know I would.
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    I'm shocked!

    I had no idea this was a pro loose site... I feel so dirty.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DEAD MINT STORMSHADOW
    I had no idea this was a pro loose site... I feel so dirty.
    Stay loose dude.
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    Wow, I just thought it would be cool to have an MOC figure sealed permanently in an acrylic box. They do look cool. Everything else I have is in star cases.

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    These are always fun to read. I have never seen an afa thread that doesn't get turned into this.I collect everything in every form that it was made. I have a very large collection of everything both loose and moc/mib and graded. Simply put afa gives a 3rd party unbiased grade that makes it easy to find grades that are consistent. I have both my numerous share of moc unrgaded figures that were not a grade I was happy with and I don't care who you are everyones grading system is different that one anothers. You may find a collector you like but they only have so many things so when you go to the next collector his grades may be grossly off from what you expect. I like my items to be very nice in my own grading sense and for collectors that want a very nice item its easier to buy one graded afa item than it is to buy 4 or 5 non graded items till you find one you are happy with. Most rumors that have come up in the past have been proven to be false after they were discussed.Thats my own personal preference for it and its a ton easier to sell your extras then because most like an unbiased opinion instead of your own grade.
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    so where is the joe website that specializes in sealed and afa items cause id like to check it out.
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    Point referenced edittied out.

    That's awesome.
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    I'm not a fan of AFA, or even sealed stuff (although I do open sealed stuff all the time), but Guts made some good points. I think there should definitely be a sealed/AFA section here.
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