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    My guess is the comic will be a reprint of this:

    Taken from Wikipedia:

    Cobra-La in G.I. Joe vs. the Transformers
    Cobra-La made their first comics appearance in the G.I Joe vs. the Transformers series from [COLOR=#0000ff]Devil's Due Publishing[/COLOR], holders of the G.I Joe license. First appearing in the second crossover springing Cobra scientist [COLOR=#0000ff]Doctor Mindbender[/COLOR] from jail, they would reappear in the fourth crossover 'Black Horizon', with a much-expanded backstory.
    Although the series does not directly reveal their origins, it does reveal the reason for their secrecy. Believed to be the children of an old god by early humans, the creatures found themselves confronted by another creature believed to be a god; [COLOR=#0000ff]Unicron[/COLOR], the Chaos-Bringer, had come to Earth to devour it to feed his own hunger. Cobra-La opposed him, threatening to attack him with a metal-devouring organic spore. Before the two sides could annihilate each other, an agreement was reached favouring both parties. The creatures would go into hiding, allowing humanity to develop. Then, when they had reached a sufficient technological level to serve as slaves for the Chaos-Bringer's inner workings, the creatures would call Unicron. He would destroy the remainder of humanity and Cobra-La would inherit the human-free world he left behind. Thousands of years later the pact would be kept and the creatures, now calling themselves Cobra-La, would summon Unicron via a beacon, using [COLOR=#0000ff]Bludgeon[/COLOR] and his team of Decepticon mercenaries to kill all interlopers, including Autobots from Cybertron. They also have an unusual captive - [COLOR=#0000ff]Joe Colton[/COLOR], the original G.I Joe. Here they are also led by [COLOR=#0000ff]Golobulus[/COLOR]. They attempted to sacrifice [COLOR=#0000ff]Firewall[/COLOR] to Unicron, but were stopped by an escaped Colton, [COLOR=#0000ff]Hawk[/COLOR] and [COLOR=#0000ff]Optimus Prime[/COLOR]. Colton battled Nemesis Enforcer while Hawk freed Firewall. Golobulus attempted to stop him, but was crushed by Prime. Pythona had a change of heart and killed the Enforcer. With Unicron defeated by [COLOR=#0000ff]Cosmos[/COLOR] and [COLOR=#0000ff]Flint[/COLOR], Cobra-La were detained by the rest of G.I Joe.

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    Really? Cobra La, Unicron, the Joes, Cybertron?
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    So if Nemesis Enforcer is appearing in the line, can other lousy characters be far behind? Neon orange Ice Cream Soldier in 25th style anyone? Cobra La is ubergay!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jbluez
    My theory is it's a Falcon has a bizarre nightmare issue.
    Could be.. Falcon's wild LSD flashback from his college days.

    I'm hoping Nemesis Enforcer in the book will be part of some Cobra genetic experiment and they won't even address the previous Cobra La storyline.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dreadnok4life
    Cobra La is ubergay!
    And that information about Cobra La being in the Transformers/GI Joe crossover comics just goes to show you can't trust DDC with what used to be good. "How to ruin not one, but TWO story lines" should have been the title of that comic series. Taking all the great elements of some great stories and somehow frankensteining them all together is an example of...


    I'm going to coin that phrase. You saw it here first!

    But yeah, Cobra-la in the show was bad enough, but then in the comics?? And then to TAINT something such as the Transformers universe! The nerve. I'd rather see Star Wars-Transformers be made into a comic, something that I've described as being like "chocolate-covered steak" (they're both great, but not together at the same time).
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    Guys, relax. CobraLa/Transformers don't ruin the Joe OR Transformer universe. They are completely different stories in different universes.

    CobraLa in the movie was pretty good IMO. A nice addition. It's much more interesting than a used car salesman.
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    Cobra-La and giant robots from outerspace.

    Equally far fetched and crazy.

    In my opinion.

    Just take the figure and use it as a COBRA genetic experiment. That's what I always did with NE from the ARAH line. He even fought Slaughter, and killed Vipers as he broke free from Mindbender's lab...oh, and he killed Serpentor too.

    Wait...Serpentor is pretty crazy, too.

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    And, as a stand alone group, with no ties to Cobra, Cobra La could be pretty good as an enemy for G.I. Joe to fight.

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    I see people talking about "rumors" regarding the Falcon and Nemesis 2 pack. What are these rumors exactly. I'm not seeing any talk about it here and I don't go to any other boards. So what's the deal?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dreadnok4life
    Neon orange Ice Cream Soldier in 25th style anyone?
    Right here!


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