$148 for a loose Silver Pads Grand Slam


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    $148 for a loose Silver Pads Grand Slam

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    Quote Originally Posted by lockenvar
    I was watching this last night, and I couldn't believe it, either. From the link above, you can see the Grand Slam's paint is in great shape, but $148.17 great? Where's the J.U.M.P. with the box and instructions / bp's? The seller also sold two Viper Pilot's for around $212. They were in great shape also, but that seemed bit much.

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    It's obvious you guys aren't in the know. As you can tell from the picture, this is the super-rare horizontal Grand-Slam without the JUMP base. See, he's twice as rare! Geez, I can't believe you guys didn't know that!
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    Danm!!!!! Am I glad that I got several of the Silver Grand Slam...
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    I don't think you'd see that being the final price on many others. Night Viper Joes is a pretty well known dealer on Ebay, and his stuff always seems to go for higher than normal.
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    I guess they trust that it's mint and the silver paint hasn't been touched up
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    Oh yeah. Does anybody have any Silver Pad Grand Slams for sale??

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    I bought one off ebay a couple months ago complete w/ JUMP for around $40 on a BIN. Perfect silver paint. At that time, I thought I was paying a premium.

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    Damn i have a silver pads grand slam figure, maybe i should hit up ebay i may not get that much, but atleast i would get something.
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