I'm looking for 25th loose or MOC wave 1 Hooded Storm Shadow, Hooded Cobra Commander and Snake Eyes (with or without Timber) and v3.2 BATs (any color scheme). To trade, I have single carded VvV troop builders (all loose). I have:

9 Tele-Vipers
6 Sand Vipers
6 Night Creepers

I would do a 3 for 1 trade for any of the 25th figures I'm looking for and 2 for 1 for BATs. If there is any interest, I will dig out the accessories (I should have the all, but don't want to look if there's nobody wanting them).

I would also do a 2 for 1 trade for Storm Shadows from the Legions boxset (I'll take multiples).

If this fits what you're looking for, let me know.