Anniversary Wave Three Single Carded Favorite

Poll: Please select your favorite wave three anniversary figure:

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    Anniversary Wave Three Single Carded Favorite

    Of the wave three single-carded anniversary figures, which is your favorite & why?
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    Definately Firefly. A very enigmatic character who is always causing mayhem.

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    Firefly, one of my fav's growing up.

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    I'd say Stalker it's one of the best versions ever.

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    I'd say Stalker, cuz he's a baaaad mother-
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    Dig it.
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    Shipwreck. My fav fig as a kid, and he was my favs on the cartoon too.

    I think they did him good in his 25th form
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  9. #7 of the first figures I got as a kid, and I think they did a great job with this version!

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    Have to go with Zartan, it was just such a great figure. Of course I'm kind of biased tword the Dreadnoks.
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    Firefly for me.

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    1st...aclose 2nd

    firefly 1st and the red ninja a close 2nd.


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