Are you kidding me? Missile Command

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    Are you kidding me? Missile Command

    I'm sure many of you have seen this and i even started a poll (Which was closed due to outing this auction) to see what it would go for with the highest option being $2000 and up. But WOW I never imagined that this would go so high. Has anyone seen a MISB one before and if so what did it go for? If you are lucky enough to have one of these are you ready to sell it? Congrats to the lucky guy who bought this i hope he is a member.

    I remember a board member here had his for sale on ebay and it fetched $1200 I thought but it wasn't MISB just unpunched. Before this one that is the highest to date for me.
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    Wow....way more than what I expect it to go for.

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    That thing is worth more than my car. Never thought i would say cardboard would be worth more than a decent car but wow.

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    I'm surprised your poll got closed before (guess I didn't notice it), last I checked "outing an auction” was not against any of the rules here... maybe they have changed though... Guess I’ll have to be careful not to out any auctions from now on… (can any mods or admins confirm that "auction outing" is now against the rules - just want to keep up on stuff )

    Anyway, I guess I'm happy for the dude that won it, but IMO that's a lot of cash for cardboard.

    But hey, to each their own
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    Yeah i didn't know that was against board rules as well but now I know and knowing is half the battle. Yo Joe!

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    I bet it would of got more $$$ if it was actually posted in the correct category. The seller put it in the "other" category which I am sure is not looked at as much as the regular category.
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    Wow, 6 grand!!! Way more than I could ever afford to spend on joes. Color me envious.

    The best part is the guy who offered a $200 BIN. I hate it when people do a low ball BIN offer in hopes that the seller isn't collectable savvy. I hope he feels like a schmuck!

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    I'd rather buy a decent car with that amount of money. - Great screenshot archive ;)

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    The price is very high but, you do have to think about how often do you see a SEALED one!?! That is an amazing find! Think about how much it would have sold for if it were AFA graded!!

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    im fairly sure i saw one sell for $1500 misb less than 6 months ago .

    I know M. Bellomos Joe guide is afew years old now , but thats listed as $500 / $700 MISB .

    Figured around $1500 would be a reasonable price these days for one . Sure it just got into an insane bidding war and someone put like $6000 as their max bid just to make surte they got it but only thought it might get to say $3000 ??

    Ive done this before as I knew Id be at work when auctions finsihed so I put in a rediculous max bid so I know I will win it even with last minute snipes.

    However , I will no longer be doing this as if I won it for that much I think ID be sick .... before my wife killed me lol
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