I need some help with AFA...


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    I need some help with AFA...

    I know people dont like the AFA concept too much and some people do, i just had some questions about it and i was hoping you guys could help:

    1) How much does it usually cost to get something graded?

    2) Do they put the item into the clear plastic case or is that personally done?

    3) What is the turn around time from when u send it to when u get it back?


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    They will put them in a clear case for you.....Turn around time depends on how much you want to spend...2 ,3 weeks i wouldnt pay more for the fast turn around the price is crazy for that.

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    For a normal moc figure my turnaround time to ship and receive is roughly 1.5-2 months. I think it averages to about 30-35 shipped to grade and recieve back. They case them so once graded they have not been tampered with.
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    Their website, as mentioned above, should answer all your questions in their FAQ. When I was considering it, that's where I looked.


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