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    This week has been good to me...

    I just got 50 pro-tec star cases for my moc Joes...
    1 25th Doc (e-bay)
    1 SDCC silver PDD
    1 Shipwreck "shark tattoo" variant

    And....I was in wal mart, and I happend to see the Transformers animated figs on the shelf. While I am not a fan of the cartoon, I love and collect TF's as well so I picked up a Grimlock....Badass! I got Megs, Starscream, Prime, and lockdown too....

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    Walmart finally restocked. There were only 2 singles left (Scarlett and Viper), but I got firefly-stormshadow, Watermoccassin-Shipwreck, and Duke- Redstar Comic packs. They also had SN-SS comic pack, but I had that one.

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    Found a Dreadnok Swampfire at the thrift store for 25 cents. Missing the rotor and pontoon, but I can get those for a buck each on ebay.

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    Can I rock?
    What's up Doc?
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    I sent off for 8 Docs on 3/22/8.
    They cashed my checks on 5/9/8.
    I received all 8 Docs on 6/7/8.
    All 8 were on silver foil cards, 0 chrome embossed cards.
    There were 3 out of 8 that had the #2 on the gun.
    All 8 Docs arrived in perfect condition.

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    I just got what you can call a mini version of the uss flagg except this aircraft carrier is called the uss saratoga its dated 2001 has 5 wheels on the bottom the uss flagg doesn't have that and this mini aircraft carrier makes sound effects like a real uss aircraft carrier my dad told me he only paid a 1.00 from an auction its made from the fun rise toy company
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    1982 MOC Short Fuse (SA)
    1982 MOC Flash (SA)
    1982 MOC Scarlett (SA)

    ...All off eBay the last two weeks. What I like about them are the original price tags are still on from the stores.

    Just ordered the following from the fan club:

    2004 Dreadnok Rampage: Escapades in the Everglades Boxed Set
    2005 General Mayhem M.A.R.S. Invaders Boxed Set
    2006 Cobra's Most Wanted: Mercenaries Boxed Set
    and some 3/4 Original Hasbro O-Rings (set of 25) for good measure.

    I'll order the Loose sets and 2007 stuff later.

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    So my area has been good to me and I am all caught up with waves 7 and 8.
    Just picked up the Red Star 2-pack at target yesterday. I had to buy wave 6 online. Wave 6 just did not ship to my area. Nor did the target exclusive vehicles.
    Oh well....

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    Picked up the Copperhead/Shipwreck comic pack at the Blaine, MN K-Mart last night. Cool figures. I wish the Copperhead figure didn't have the brown mud paint on the pants.

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    I stopped by KMart today, hoping to score something new, but only came home with the Ace/Wild Weasel comic pack. I am happy with that, but it wasn't quite what I was looking for.

    Ah well, my credit card appreciated the cooldown, I am sure.

    Happy hunting out there!


    Edit - And for the record, man do I hate KMart. It is the only store on the planet that makes me pine for WalMart. No air conditioning in June in northern Indiana is a bad combination.

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    I just got back into collecting a couple of weeks ago! The hunt is as addictive as I remember when I was 12! Went to a buch of stores in my area, I saw all of wave 7 besides Snake eyes. As for wave 8, there were 0 Major Bludd, Baroness or artic Snake Eyes to be found. Luckily I found both of those waves 2 weeks ago! Toys R Us had 7 wave 1 Cobra Commander's: which i found pretty odd. Then at a Kmart I found the 25th ann. 5 packs, which I purchased 2 of the Cobra packs because 1 of them had a wave 4 Storm Shadow in his white cobra garb(which is the one I've seen the most of). The second however had the wave 1 Storm Shadow in his Joe camo garb! They both were in the same pose...just different versions of him. Has anyone else seen this? I thought is it was pretty cool!


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