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    It's hard to find anything around me Joe-wise these days but in the last few days I've gotten the Tiger Force Flint, Snowjob and the comic packs with Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes and Destro and Breaker.

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    I picked up a Flash and Shipwreck last night at Kmart. I could't believe the number of Sigma Six things they had. They had a nice selection of 25ths too.

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    Question about Zartan

    Maybe someone can tell me since I never had an original Zartan. I found one of the anniversary Zartan figures today and it says color change face. Now is it the extra face he comes with that does this or his own? Other stupid question is how does it do it?

    I was shocked that I found him, the Duke with jetpack and a Storm Shadow/Snake Eyes comic pack at K-mart today and Beachhead at TRU since I can never find anything at either place normally.

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    It is the green head that changes, it gets greener. According to the JBL review, it will change based on temperature.

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    I've had a lucky few days. My wife found Zartan at Target. Then last night I found Rock n Roll at one Wal Mart, and Spirit at another. I was late to the 25th line and have been playing catch up. I'm not trying to collect every fig, there are too many duplicates and I only need one of each. I am trying for the original 13, and with Rock n Roll I'm only missing Breaker from the currently released (along with Clutch and Steeler, but I'm not sure those are 'officially' released yet).

    Now if I could just find Snow Job, Beach Head, Torpedo, Gung Ho, and Armored Cobra Commander. I'm going to wait on Wild Bill for the new TRU Sr. Ranking Officers set; wait on Lady Jaye for the DVD version; and wait on Shipwreck until I find the Comic pack.

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    I just got my comic pack wave 4 pre orders -- yeah, really late. I also found all of the wave 4 comic packs in Wal Mart the other night.
    I had Red Star out of the package for 15 minutes, and I lost the drum magazine to his PPSH41. How lame.

    Now I'm waiting on Wave 9.
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    I stumbled upon several cases of w3 '08 and one case of w5 '08 at WM in Los Angeles today. These are obviously my favorites.
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    I took a look at those links. Those were some nice buys.

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    I managed to snag a Ninja-Ku Storm Shadow, and Torpedo at Wally World today. No other new figs there unfortunately. Still Gen. Hawk eludes me.

    I also managed to snag a H.I.S.S. driver and Flash at an out of the way K-mart today as well.

    Today has been a good day.
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