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    I am pretty good friends with the owner of a local comic shop here in my neck of the world. I walked in and he handed me the variant cover DDP final issue- a homage paid to Marvel 155- very cool gift indeed!! He said he couldn't think of a more deserving Joe fan than me!!
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    fount these all compleat

    meg jazz sidswip all c9 all acc then traded two cars for 50 joes and two compleat joe vehicles hers pic joes all in good shap.pluse bounse that day payed 25 cents for a bronze bomber.going on ebay.
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    heres the pic off tf

    these are all stuff i have allready so ill just pass them on was just happy that i fount some stuff cheap this time i never find any stuff cheap.all off it set me back 35.00 thats all tf and the joes.
    pic below

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    Picked up all 4 vehicle sets today @ Walmart.

    So if anybody needs a Serpentor, Breaker, or Hiss tank......

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    You can have your Official PDD's.... I just got this guy:

    I almost never buy figures strictly for display purposes, but with this one, I couldn't resist.

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    Just got my Con exclusives!

    2x black CC
    1x blue CC
    1x combat heroes

    CC's podium has removable mic stand and mic, which fits into CC's left hand.
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    Picked up Hawk, Bazooka, and Barbecue today at Steel City Con in Pittsburgh. After having next to nothing in the way of 25th Anniversary Joes at the last show in March, they were everywhere this time, with at least 10 booths carrying some Joe assortment.

    The 3 new Joes cost me $30 total which isn't too bad considering Target's new price point and that I don't have to hunt them down. Also saw all the vehicles (regular wave and the old Target ones) and most of the Wave 8 and earlier figures carded. Wave 9 was curiously missing except for the 3 I got. No BATs or Snow Serpents, and I think I saw just one black Storm Shadow.

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    I'm back from comic-con. I got the exclusives, and visited toy rocket. That's where I found the magnet stands from I got the display and some magnets, which are great for the army builder guys! You can just use the magnets and place one 25th battle stand for a name plate.

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    Major haul from TRU today came to a total of $150.01


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