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    Sent the Wife to Wal-Mart as she tends to have better luck than me. Today she came upon 4 rows completely stocked with single pack figures and 3 rows of comic packs.

    She managed to get me, wait for it...............................................

    6 Snow Serpents
    5 Bats
    Black Head Destro CP
    2 Tripwire/CC CP's
    2 Nemesis Enforcer/Falcon CP's

    In addition to what she grabbed for me another collector came by and was able to get some Bat's,Snow Serpents, and new CP's too.

    I had her take a pic with her phone so I could see what it looked like. There really is never any product here in Minot ND, so to see this amount of stuff out is amazing. I don't know what it looks like in your neck of the woods, but if this much is showing up here in the boonies, it should be available everywhere soon!

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    Looks like the Dakotas are representing!

    I just hit the same thing in Pierre, SD. They also have 4 of each DVD pack.

    I got both Destro comic packs, Tripwire/CC comic pack, Falcon/Nemesis pack, complete wave 9 $ tripwire pack for a friend, 3 more BATS and 3 more Snow Serpents.
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    I just won a SDCC Black Suit Cobra Commander on Ebay. It was $34.95 total. I think that's the most I ever paid for a new single figure in my whole life. Oh, well - there's plenty more money out there to be made, but only so many SDCC Commanders!

    I now have at least one of every 25A/Modern Era item that has been released so far except for the TRU Green-shirts 5-pack and the TRU CG 5-pack which hasn't made their way to my crappy Toys R Us just yet.

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    I spoke to a TRU employee (manager ) that is a friend of mine and he said the boys seciton is set for reset this week so the greenshirts,and new SRO packs are comming.

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    Finally got my wave 1 vehicles from HTS. Thet're awesome!!!
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    My wants

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    I am especially impressed with the Vamp, I love the fact it is not just a re-release of the old Vamp.One of the things that bothered me with the Star Wars line was the Millennium Falcon being just a remake, of course I got it anyway and now they have the Falcon of me dreams, and I will probably buy it as well (best spaceship ever, Serenity is a close second)at least the Joe stuff is retooled and reVamped pun intended.They could have found a way to put rubber tracks on the Hiss, but it still rules.

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    I picked up a carded 25th Snow Serpent on ebay last night for $2.25!

    Sure, the shipping is $6, but that puts the total right at the retail price, which is all I ever want to pay anyway.

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    Snow Serpents and BATS are finally turning up in the Philadelphia area so I managed to get one Serpent and two BATS. I also grabbed the wave 5 comic packs, including the black head variant Destro.

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    i want at least three bats and im good on that wave.

    barbecue maybe.

    i got hawk and he sucks, and i always hated bazooka.

    i hate his mustache. i hate his t-shirt. and i hate his stupids.

    snow serpents, ehh, if i get the GI JOE EXTREME weather condition set, i might get a few, but i dont have nearly enough room to display what ive got.

    well, i have the room, just not the shelves. and im lazy.


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