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    Stumbled across this at Wal-Mart

    Cobra Commander mispack....Saw this one sitting innocently on a shelf peg.....I was wondering if it has any value though I may hold onto it just to say I have it. It's kinda neat I guess. Sorry if the pic is too small...Still tinkering.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grunt
    This sounds pathetic for a 33 year old man to say but...
    My mother picked up a CG, Rock n roll, Armored CC, and Torpedo.

    Its really not as sad as it seems, its kind of funny actually. Over Christmas vacation, my wife and I were joking over christmas dinner about how she gets a "high" over finding the 25th figs for me(then they were impossible to find and she really got into the hunt). Ever since then, my brother from Pittsburg, sister in Nashville, and mother(she only lives about 30 minutes from me) have been calling me and finding figures for me. My aunt and even my sister's best friend who I have never met have got involved. They have picked up extra troopers, officers, and an extra now 2 CGs. Its funny to get a call at work to find its my sister who is all excited about finding figures at Target only to be disappointed to find out that I already had those figures. They'll probably go ballistic when the vehicles start showing up in stores. I may never have to shop for Joes again-just sit back and wait for my family to bring them to me.
    Wow I have to put a gun to any of my family members to even go look.

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    Ive got my gf looking. SHe lives in a small town which has been good for finding Star Wars but no joes at all. I did score two CGs last night Saw two Air Trooperrs but let them for others sence I have 5 and thats all I need for a nice army

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    I picked up comic packs 2-3 and The toys r us exclusive 5 packs in san diego.
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    As a child of the 80's and a Star Wars completest, I just tonight brought myself to jumping ship or should I say just add a "Few" 25th Joe's to my SW room. I bought Storm Shadow(V1) , Destro (V1) Gung Ho and Cobra Commander (V2) tonight. Off to eBay I go now!!!

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    Wow $3.99 for a moc Crimson guard is a steel.

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    Hit the jackpot today.
    Two walmarts later and i now have:
    Iron Grenadier Destro
    Rock n Roll
    Armored Cobra Commander
    Crimson Guard
    Dreadnoks Comic pack
    Destro& Breaker Comic Pack

    Nice after a little dry spell.

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    Man that is a great hall. Im trying my best to hold off going to ebay for the newer ones like Rock & Roll. Im trying my best to get Series 1 Snake Eyes with Timber but ebay prices are well over $25 range and my wife would kill me to spend that much on one so early in the game. My Star Wars habbit is enough.

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    Just picked up a Torpedo from the local Wal Mart. It would've been nice to grab a Rock N Roll also, but somehow he was gone, but the Torpedo was there... kind of weird. Left the new Battle CC on the shelf, along with Beach Head, CG, Air Trooper, Roadblock, Duke, old CC, etc.


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