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    ROC Sand Viper

    Right on!! I really like the sand vipers as my most deadly of Springfield's vilest. This guy (new "desert viper" - with one "s")has quite an assortment of brutal weapons, enough to pass around: a "can opener" sword, two axes, a halberd, a cool machete (definitely a killing tool, not for foliage), pistol and bayoneted hi-tech rifle. Two axes!! That's so... grisly.

    Cool feature: his desert body armor looks very current.

    Past and present sand vipers come together for a family reunion:

    From the archive:

    I think Hasbro is getting better with their figures. Tons of weapons, cool detailing on the figure and weapons. I just don't know what they're going to do with their extreme surplus of ROC turtle-viper peg-warmers.
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    Just won these auctions, cause ebay works in iraq now (of course with a week left here it figures.) Still can't believe I got a Black Timber in any condition for $40, and a Gold PDD for $53!
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    Nothing amazing, but I found Charbroil today, the very first "Wave 4" figure that I've seen in a store up here.

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    I recently bought a Night Adder and Desert Viper both MOC on ebay for $19.00 shipping and handling included. I have been searching for both figures for quite a while in the area where I live with no luck, but yesterday was my lucky day.

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    Today, I picked up the Mantis Sub with Aqua Viper and Air Raid (Barrel Roll) with Sky Sweeper @ K-Mart and 3 Serpent Armors @ Target.
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    Picked up Arashikage Cycle SS on Thursday and saw them all over the place now. Bought via eBay Specialist Trakker, one of a few 25th Anniv figures I never saw at retail. Only paid $8 shipped for him! Score!
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    FINALLY found Night Adder (no Kamkura though). I was beginning to think he was a myth!

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    Did anyone else notice that Pit Commando's accessory helmet looks like S.T.A.R. Brigade's helmet?

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    Got an Arctic Snake Eyes and a Night Adder this afternoon at Walmart, saw some Charbroils and Red Fangs, no Kamakura or battle stations.

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    ^ Same here. No Battle Stations. I did see dupes of the Adders, Red Fangs, Charbroils and black coated Rexes, plus, one each of Arctic Threat SS and his W5 homies, sans CSSE of course. I grabbed the Desert Viper, my fave at this moment, then split. The second Mal-Wart was all merde, so I came home.
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