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    Talking one of my holy grails

    for under $50. Sadly he does have a small crack in the elbow on teh inside left arm ......but I have wanted this since 2002.
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    Gi joe helped me to learn to swim! And knowing was half the battle!
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    I picked up the RoC gunship with the black helmet variant today. Iwas waiting for these to be lowered price but I havent seen one for a awhile so Ipicked up the one today.

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    I picked up a couple of B.AT.s @ TJ Maxx for 3.99 each.
    ... And knowing is half the battle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fer-de-lance
    I picked up a couple of B.AT.s @ TJ Maxx for 3.99 each.
    Nice! I'll need to look there more often. I assumed post-Christmas they wouldn't have many toys. Guess I'm wrong.
    Current Wants (01-16-10): RoC Kamukara, Wal*Mart Exclusive Ninja Battles, Desert Zartan from the RoC 5-pack.


    Open call to musicians, bands, recording artists... Kaijuice 2!

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    I picked up a Cobra Sting Raider @ TRU yesterday!
    ... And knowing is half the battle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fer-de-lance
    I picked up a Cobra Sting Raider @ TRU yesterday!
    25TH or TRU Exclusive ROC?
    I'M A MAC

    NEEDED: SDCC Gold PDD, SDCC Blue Suited CC, SDCC TTT SGT. Slaughter, SDCC Starscream, SDCC Shockwave, FSS Nano BATs, FSS Desert Scorpions & FSS CGIs, MISB/UNUSED MIB M.A.S.K. stuff, a factory tachometer for a 65 Chevy Impala, lawyers, guns & money...

    Want LiSSt...

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    brand new to the game and i got a skystriker on ebay in a lot..!!!! well see once it gets here the condition but hey, i cant complain. i lost a sky raven and sky havoc to someone on ebay for 1.00..........ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i need a sky raven....err i mean my son needs a sky

    grabbed a cg army builder at tru and also i found my rah lifeline at my parents house.

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    ROC, there were five still on the bottom shelf.
    ... And knowing is half the battle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fer-de-lance
    I picked up a Cobra Sting Raider @ TRU yesterday!
    Yup, found the TRU Exclusive Sting Raider along with Arctic Doc and Shipwreck (didn't buy Shippie) today.

    I almost missed the Sting Raider as it comes in a box barely bigger than the vehicle. After the big, window-box packaging we've become accustomed to, I didn't expect it.

    The plus-side is, it's easy to open and mess with a box and then put away again for storage - no wire ties or other stuff.

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    Hello there everyone. This is my very first post in the forum but I've been browsing YoJoe since about October 09. I'm 23 and was never one for G.I. Joe as a kid but after seeing the movie (RoC), I fell in love and have since built up an extensive comic collection and knowledge of G.I. Joe and upon finding YoJoe I developed a love for the action figures as well, and have started on the RoC toy line. Now that my life story is out of the way...

    Last weekend I was out with a friend and thanks to the ten bucks I had and a 25 dollar loan from my friend I was able to return home with Paris Pursuit Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow, plus the TRU exclusive RoC Firefly, and then I managed to find the Snarler Cycle (Go Beach Head!). They were all great adds to my growing (26 RoC Joes now) collection.

    Forgot to add, I'm going out tomorrow in hopes of finding Arctic Rescue Doc, and Breaker and Sgt. Stone (just to complete my "All Joes that were in the movie" collection.)
    If Knowing is half the battle, then surely big guns and lots of ammo is its counterpart.


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