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    Quote Originally Posted by 25thannivjoe
    And these, this past Monday

    Dang! Looks like The Phili is the place to be!
    I'M A MAC

    NEEDED: SDCC Gold PDD, SDCC Blue Suited CC, SDCC TTT SGT. Slaughter, SDCC Starscream, SDCC Shockwave, FSS Nano BATs, FSS Desert Scorpions & FSS CGIs, MISB/UNUSED MIB M.A.S.K. stuff, a factory tachometer for a 65 Chevy Impala, lawyers, guns & money...

    Want LiSSt...

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    Wow! That's alot for a first haul. No wonder you weren't able to get some on your 2nd try coz you already got almost all wave 3 to 5 singles and you're lacking only one comic 2-pack Congrats, now wonder you got a reaction upon taking all those home

    Quote Originally Posted by X-factorz

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    Quote Originally Posted by Super Sport
    Dang! Looks like The Phili is the place to be!
    Not really, we get it earlier most of the time but because stocks are real low and there's a lot of demand, specialty shops (a lot like Frank and Sons) sell them for double to almost triple the price of what you guys get

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    I got a big (for me) 25th Anniversary Haul this past weekend. I got the Comic pack Torch & Ripper, Wild Weasel & Ace, Tomax & Xamot, and 2 Fred & Scar Face sets and the Target Exclusive Night Specter with Grand Slam.
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    Got all three Target exclusives. That Awe Stiker brings back some memories!
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    My wants

    ***/ (5#)####

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    My Wal-Mart had TONS of Joes stocked tonight. Here are some of what I picked up (except for SE, Beach Head, Gung-Ho, and CC I already had):

    I also picked up an IG Destro (they had a LOT of those on the pegs)

    Man, these things sure are beautiful.
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    Looking to buy : Cobra Night Raven parts, Skyhawk landing skids (unbroken), M.O.B.A.T. turret gun, F.A.N.G. red engine cover/rollbar thing

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    Not sure pics are necessary, but I finally got the CG TRU pack. Hung out at my TRU early, expecting to have to race at least one scalper or other collector to the shelves, but the only other person out there with me was a mother looking to exchange some squirt guns for her kids. So I picked up both. Hopefully that'll be the last TRU exclusive for a while, so that I can remain caught up w/o having to wait outside a store for opening.
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    Stopped by the local WM up here in northern NH around 930 this morning, and what do you know- one case of Wave 7 (2 SE, 2 Viper, Duke, Spirit, Hiss Driver, Wild Bill). I picked up the 2 Vipers, the Spirit and Wild Bill. There aren't really any other collectors up here, so I might go back and pick up some of the others. I am not really a fan of having more than one of a character, but the Snake Eyes and Duke do look pretty cool. The Hiss Driver is also interesting, but without a local Target , I cant really see a need for one...
    The Spirit would be really cool, but his face just isnt right... Also, is his gun supposed to be missing a handle (Think Gung Ho's handleless weapon)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jshortultimate
    Also, is his gun supposed to be missing a handle (Think Gung Ho's handleless weapon)?
    I had not noticed that....that stinks.

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    Thumbs up

    I actually got them a few days ago, while in the US, but I've only just opened my first load of 25A's, as I didn't want loose figures and parts in my luggage
    . The cards got a bit wrecked, but that was going to happen anyway. The fielcards are intact, which is the important thing.

    Funny story, I started out by picking up Buzzer and the Ripper/Torch 2-pack. Being a huge Dreadnok fan it seemed like the best place to start collecting again. Then I picked up Shipwreck and Snow Job because they were decently priced and were characters I'd always wanted in the past and never had. But then I kind of felt that six was a much rounder number to buy than five, so I started looking for a sixth figure. I went for Scarlett, because the 25th A is WAY more feminine than the 2002 one I have. But of course, if I'm picking up a Scarlett, I needed a Snake Eyes to go with her, because my 2002 seems to be missing from my old stuff. And then I figured I might as well go for a comic-pack so I could get a Storm Shadow too, another character I've never had before.

    They're a whole lot of fun, and I love the more realistic designs over the Spy Troops era stuff. They're great, I love them. No major issues other than Storm Shadow's quiver/sheaths not having a fastening clip (making equipping it a nightmare) and his green accessories. But I can easily live with that. It would be cool if I could get Snake Eye's hands closer together, I'm trying to get him into a CQC-style pose. It might sound weird, but I really like having a Snake Eyes without a sword.

    But now I've opened them, these things are like crack. I need more, and it's nice to have so many existing waves/figure styles to choose my collection from. Looks like I'm back in the collecting habit Once I've got all the characters I want, I'm onto vehicles and troop building. I'm considering the Cobra Night Watch to represent my Cobra forces...


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