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    My Target which put out a bunch of cases yesterday had all the Vipers remaining today so i bought them all, but its odd that everything else would be gone except Vipers.
    Looking for 25th IGs,Alpine,Leatherneck and Short Fuze

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    It's not a big delivery, but today a few trinkets from Marauder Inc arrived. I ordered a rather nice sniper rifle, a briefcase and cell phone for the Cobra Twins, and a Megatron pistol for Cobra Commander. Not that my Cobra Twins and CC haven't arrived yet, but when they do, they'll be tooled. Marauder also sent me a bad-*** looking shotgun, which I didn't order. I'm not sure if it's complimentary or a mistake though.

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    Thumbs up

    RIpper uk
    john> marauder inc . normal send a freebee with ever order..
    which in your case the shotgun..he is a highly recomeneded seller


    rob uk

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    It's a good shotgun too. Very solid and I like the extra shells, so I gave it to Snake Eyes. Scarlett got the sniper rifle.

    My Breaker came today too, and I love the bubblegum, it looks so good. He's missing one of his handguns, but hopefully the ebay seller still has it. Otherwise, I'll probably pick up a replacement from Marauder Inc. I was going to make another order soon anyway.

    The only thing I don't like about Breaker is the joint on his right wrist. There's a bit of a gap between the two parts of his arm, anyone know a good way to fix this?

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    HTS has lots of new figures in stock. These have been up since last night just before midnight PST, but they won't last long. Here are some highlights...








    Good luck. Remember code PONY10 gets you 10% off.

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    So me and the g/f stop at a brand new Meijer on the way home the other day and hit the toy isle. We make that turn and see 3 employees stocking shelves and knew we had a chance.

    At this point I've seen every single figure on the shelf that's on the back on the figures expect for Bludd, Flash, & silverhead Destro. The Destro being the one I really really want.

    Sure enough....the pegs were FULL.

    They had 4 of the Destro figures. I took one and called a friend to see if he wanted on "hey dude, want a silverhead Destro?". "H--l Yeah I want a silverhead destro!!"

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    Finally! The joe gods smiled upon me and I picked up the VIper, Spirit, Snake Eyes 3 and Wild Bill.
    My area skipped right over the Rock and Roll wave....

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    I have finally been able to walk out of a wally world completly happy.

    I'll start by saying there is one local I can normally stop at which is verry hit or miss for toy items, and the nearest wallmart is about an hour in the wrong direction. But I lucked out and managed to walk in and see about 20 - 30 of the newest wave of single and comic packs. Only picked up a viper because I allready overpaid online for a set.

    I also saw a large assortment of transformer and indy figures, so I was able to grab a stealth bumble bee without paying scalper prices and a russian soldier. Have not seen that type of selection on all the lines I collect since I was little.

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    Last night, didn't even go in wal-mart really looking for joes and holy smokes they had almost all of wave 7, I couldn't believe it... Its always so surprising to me that this small city always seems to get almost everything eventually.
    It just sucks so bad that the price got raised by two dollars, that adds up fast...

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    I found wave 8 and the new comic packs today.
    The comic pack Firefly is hands down the best 25th figure to date IMO. I like him better than the V3 Snake Eyes. His backpack is a thing of beauty. it opes up to reveal a removable Flashlight, pliers, gas can and bundle of tnt.
    The Storm Shadow is ok, but his thighs are from the Cobra trooper/officer and he didn't come with a knife for the sheath! It is very obvious the knife is missing when you look at him.
    The other packs:
    Duke, gonna do a head swap with Grunt.
    Red Star is cool, has a lot of new accessories. and an Oktober Guard logo on his file card. Nice touch.
    Shipwreck...utter crap. The hook and life jacket are new, the rest a waste of plastic.
    Copperhead-not a bad figure, he's big and menacing has paint wipes on the inside of his legs to look muddy, but his Roadblock hands are terrible. People complain about Duke arms, but Roadblocks hands are the worst.


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