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    $6 for Spirit, $13 for Hannibal. Now I just need to find Courtney Krieger.
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    I bought 25ths of Duke with Jetpack (I wanted the flag for the base I am building), Wild Bill,the Crimson Guard/Scarred Officer 2 pack, and a cobra trooper for customizing (which I promptly broke while disassembling - I guess that is what glue is for).

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    I found the Cobra Commander with the M.A.S.S. Device element last week and picked him up mainly for the accessory. On Friday I hit a Wal Mart and got Major Bludd, Tiger Force Flint, Arctic Snake Eyes, Baroness, Roadblock, and the Python Patrol Officer (who I originally had no plans of getting, I'm a weak, weak man). Yesterday I got the three new comic packs. For awhile Joe stuff was hard to find, but lately I've had no complaints. I've managed to snag two full assortments and a whole wave of comic packs in like two weeks.

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    This week end I finally scored Rock n Roll and IG Destro. I was also pleased to find the SS/Firefly and Shipwreck/Copperhead packs. As an added bonus, I had my first sighting of wave 7, but all I picked up was HISS Driver since I have them all on pre-order and had blown my budget! Too bad I had to drive 4 hours to the in-laws to get all of these.....

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    Talking My Wife ROCKS!!!

    She called me while she was at Target yesterday and asked what figures I was looking for. A case had just been opened up so she snagged me some WAVE 7 figures....she loves me...
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    Wal-Mart had a new case assortment with Wave 8. Dang it-it was the set that contained Spirit, Viper, Duke, Zartan, Firefly SE and CC. I picked up Spirit but still need HISS driver and Wild Bill
    WANTED: Two (2) clear visors

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    First post!

    I went to TRU yesterday and resisted the temptation to get a Sigma Six Zartan, and also another of the Cobra Leaders blue three-pack. I really wanted the Zartan, but donít have any Sigma Six figures to go with him, so I left him on the shelf.

    I then headed to Target and hit the jackpot (at least for me!) and grabbed two Fireflies, two Zartans, two Vipers, and one Snake Eyes. It is the all black Snake Eyes, but I am not sure which version or which wave he is from. I havenít really been into Joes since I was a kid, so I am still trying to find my way around. I need a spreadsheet or list with all of the waves and versions.

    I am going to head to a different Target over lunch today, so perhaps Iíll be able to grab a handful of Hiss Drivers. LOL

    Fun thread! Iíll hopefully see you around.


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    Walked into walmart tonight and this guy and his lady had about 13 figures in there arms, He said to me it was the 3rd set he found. I asked him if he could part with two figures and he was kind enough to let me have the two i wanted. Not sure why he would need 3 sets of wave (8)? O , I got Arctic trooper Snake Eyes and Major Blood.

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    Ran into Walmart before work today and they had just put out Wave 8. I picked up the Artic Snake Eyes, TF Flint, and Major Bludd. They were the first new figures on the shelves in a few weeks, and I was able to get lucky and grab the figs I wanted. It would still be nice to pick up a second Spirit, but I think my chances of that happening are getting less likely.

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    yesterday I got my free membership collectors club cobra commander


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