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    If the figure part is already in production at some level, then it's cheaper to use an existing piece rather than mold an entirely new one. One need look no further than this pic:


    The chipping paint at the swivel-arm battle grip belies the red plastic underneath. Simply put, this is a hand painted 87 Jinx figure used to show how Vypra would look. Hasbro then took this figure and used it in the box pic.

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    thats a cool pic!! I understand that that would make sense...but in this case the head IS a new mold. The reason i ask is because i was told by some people here that plastic handpainted figures just werent used in photoshoots...they are ALL handpainted resin hardcopies. Obviously that jinx, as well as the tf steel brigade puts a gaping hole in this logic.

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    What is there to address?

    It was a pre-production figure, about a dozen (I recall exactly 13 sales) were available on the secondary market, and ultimately the figure was cancelled.

    To me it is in the same category as the light blue armored Robot Rebellion/Rise of the BATs Cobra Commander.

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    I just think that the site should have a more clear cut definition of midnight chinese if people are going to subjectively choose what and what can not be sold, especially where there is so much ambiguity involved.

    As to what is there to address? This figure, along with others, gives valuable insight into the production process and should be looked at in different lights imo.

    thats all. as far as number of sales goes...that doesnt really shed much light on the figure's status of authenticity. Just because 13 were sold, certainly doesnt mean 13 were made.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cobrasaboteur
    I just think that the site should have a more clear cut definition of midnight chinese if people are going to subjectively choose what and what can not be sold, especially where there is so much ambiguity involved.
    Unfortunately, that's not our call to make. It's Hasbro's.

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    So what is hasbro's definition then? It seems that the steel brigade fits the criteria applied to outlawed midchinese figs.


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    Y'know, I think that's about enough as to what is and is not allowed to be sold. The definition is loose because Hasbro was not specific.

    And I am very _VERY_ tired of the term "Midnight Chinese" and if I could ban that term all together, I would. These canceled, testshot and quality control sample figures are just that. Using the derogatory term Midnight Chinese implies a very factually inaccurately connotation to the origins of these figures.

    Saboteur, the situation is what it is - and that's it. I do not know how we can be more clear about this. And yes, the SB figure DOES meet said criteria and occurred before the public was aware of Hasbro's position, I admit its sale and take responsibility.
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    If you'd like us to use something other than Midnight Chinese to label these figures when discussing them, I have no problem with that. But in order to move away from the name, we should then all agree on a new name so that the new name catches on quicker as more of us will be using it almost immediately.

    I'm not very good these things as I'm not a very creative person, but how about:

    02/04 CaT QC Figures

    Meaning 2002 - 2004 Canceled/Testshot Quality Control Figures...

    Does anyone have anything better we can call them?

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    Tanner, how about we call them what we used to before all of the drama - Test-Shots for plastic injection molded figures, and Prototypes for resin and pre-injection mold manufacturing?

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    Red Claw,

    Can I submit pictures of the blue anti venom task force figure for the archives? This way people know the exist.



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