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    Quote Originally Posted by MWG
    Same in Oklahoma, BUT the local WM had one of each of wave 6 in finally. Plus the Wii points cards bundled with the Classic Controller glove is clearanced to $12.00 at this store (the card by itself averages $19.99).

    really? we just got wave 4 at walmart in sw missouri. still cant find a destro

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    The prices at my local WM was 5.44 also. I had not picked up any 25 annsry. figures before Thurs. They had several single pakcs and a few comic packs.

    I bought SS and roadblock for myself as early b-day gifts They only had one SS.

    It was great to see those joes at a local store again

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    $5.44 at the walmart's here now as well. $5.99 at Kmart and the 5 packs are up to $27.99 also.
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    Same here, guess is nationally now.

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    Picked up Rock N Roll, Torpedo and BA Cobra Commander at Wal Mart and paid the $5.44 for them.
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    Just went to the local Wal-mart here in North Richland Hills TX and the price was $5.44. Pick up and Air Trooper. They had several other common pieces. Will check a few more while out tonight.

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    All of the Wal-Mart stores I've been to in the Twin Cities since Wednesday have had the new $5.44 price. However, this didn't stop me from buying up wave 6 or Crimson Guards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dockingbay97
    This is not shocking but still a bummer. I expect we will see $10 Joes and SW figures in a few more years.
    So that's when I will be stopping my collecting.
    It isn't as bad with Joes but once you get a Star Wars figure they never hold their value anymore. Only the rare harder to find figures keep their value.
    My Walmarts are still $4.88 for now. TRU, Kmart, Meijer are $5.99.


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    My wife and I joke about Wal-Mart everytime we go. As we head to the toy aisle she bets me there is not going to be any Joes. So far she has won everytime. Although I am encouraged because they have a pretty large section reserved for them. However it's just empty pegs.

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    I guess I prematurely complained. I hit the mother lode today at Wal-Mart. It was stocked to the gills with Joe stuff. I got all of the new Comic packs, Torpedo, I.G. Destro, 2 Cobra Troopers, 2 Cobra Air Troopers, Rock n Roll, and Snow Job. And there was a ton left after I was done. What a great surprise.


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