No AFA bashing allowed...

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    Exclamation No AFA bashing allowed...

    This MOC/MISB collecting section was created to discuss collectibles
    with other MOC/MISB enthusiasts, including AFA

    You don't like AFA, don't post in this section

    Any AFA bashing or bad mouthing found in this section will lead
    to site suspension, even site banning
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    I think it is time for me to chime in here, since I can take some credit for light the fire under this particular new forum rule...And since I will personally be policing this forum.

    MOC and MIB collectors generally, and AFA service customers specifically, have been one of, if not THE MOST TAUNTED AND CRUCIFIED group of collectors in the online community. The idea and practice of loose figure collecting is so pervasive in GI joe Collecting that the mere thought of leaving something in it's package is frequently met with disdain, ridicule and flaming, ESPECIALLY when the AFA grading service is involved.

    Never mind the fact that packaged joes are far rarer and more difficult to collect than loose ones, especially for a condition-sensitive collector. Forget that the amount of research involved in carded and cardback variations, not to mention boxed variations, is much more labor and cost intensive, and in the case of Explosion Back or Internation card art use, represents an interesting and distinct timeline into the development and release of the vintage line. Forget all the rich history and engaging topics worthy of discussion in the realm of MISB or MOC soon as someone wants an item graded by a third party system, cased and GASP perhaps shows an intent to sell it, they become the DEVIL HIMSELF. And it stops NOW, with a new, all encompassing rule to be followed, and a highly motivated collector to make sure it is (me).

    As orionlukteel mentioned, there are a lot of MOC and MISB collectors that had quite a bit of knowledge to share, and over the years they've been driven out by the constant badgering from the predominantly loose collector base. Not just AFA service users, either, but people constantly throwing comments like "Gee, I could have bought a car for that, and you can't even play with it", "You're dumb 4 payin that 4 a toy" or the droning "the o-rings will snap!!". The fact that it was allowed to occur for as long as it did was a direct violation of all forum respect rules, ridiculing other collectors for what or how they collect. To use the opposite as an example, we certainly would not allow a group of higher end packaged collectors to come on the board and berate the loose collectors for playing with their toys.

    The AFA service is at the heart of this tension. The market for graded items, while it has been up and down over the last few years, maintains a strong following among MIB and MOC buyers, regardless of the internet banter to the contrary. Even if AFA were to fold tomorrow, their products would still be actively traded and sold in the market, so a forum for the exchange of open and honest discussion, free of ridicule and flaming, is important to allow other interested collectors the chance to make up their own minds about AFA or any other future competing grading services.

    Constructive criticism will be allowed. There have certainly been well publicized mistakes made on AFA's part, and high profile, high end auctions like the recently sold Cobra Missile Base will frequently be met with surprise and discussion. But I will be deciding what really is constructive, and what is mindless trolling. Choose your words carefully, take time to ask yourself if you're stepping on anyone's toes, and show respect for your fellow posters. We're here to have fun.

    As previously mentioned, I will be personally policing this forum, and I have a zero tolerance policy for bashing, flaming and ridicule. ANY infractions will be met with all the YoJoe standard punishments of warnings, suspensions and bannings. I also have no problem deleting or editting posts I deem borderline. I'm also happy to edit your posts into mindless babble and then lock the thread. it is one of my favorite tricks.

    I'm going to keep Don's and my post in this thread and lock it...Then move the rest of the "discussion" to another thread to keep this post clean.
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