Buying Acrylic cases for your GI Joe items :)

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    Buying Acrylic cases for your GI Joe items :)

    Thought Id just post this up as lots of people seem to be asking about where to get the AFA style acrylic cases from to store your MISB/MOC joes .

    Here are two of these company selling these ....

    Also , not many people know that you can buy the acrylic cases direct from AFA .
    All the types including the uv resistant ones right here ......

    Just thought id make a post to let anyone who was wondering know where to get these from

    YO JOE !!!!!!!!
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    This might be worth making it a sticky as the links are helpful and the question comes up a couple times a year.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GBPackRat
    This might be worth making it a sticky as the links are helpful and the question comes up a couple times a year.
    More like twice a week.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DEAD MINT STORMSHADOW
    More like twice a week.
    Yeah seems like I remember a few (many) of those threads...

    Might not be a bad idea to sticky this – it could be edited to give the link to AFA’s normal service (the actual grading service) too, so people would have a link to that option as well - so it was sort of combined into a resource for grading and cases (without grading) too...that might be of big help to some MOC/MIB fans...

    And, if any new options for case sources, or grading sources, cropped up in the future then they could be edited in to this thread as well…

    Might cut down on those questions...

    never know... just my 2 cents
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    Has been Stickied.
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    Star Cases

    So I know the title of this thread is "acrylic cases", but I figured it would be silly to start a new thread just for Star cases. Anyways, on to my question - is there a Star case that fits the taller 93/94 cards? So far I haven't find any and it's really annoying because I have so many 93/94 cards I want to protect. Any help is appreciated.
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    Star case question

    I have been collecting the New 25th anniversary Gi joes and would like to protect them in a case. I have the Gold headed destro, etc. Now where can I purchase star cases and get a good price on them. Also is there a certain star case I should get or model?

    Another question is can I use the same case for the older 80's cases.

    Thanks for your help

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    Looks like I am not the only one wondering where to find star cases for the 25th line of joes, any luck yet from those who have been looking?
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    I like these cases the best. They are 1 piece instead of 2 seperate pieces like the star cases. They work really well. I use them for all vintage and 25th.


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