Remastered Vehicles Update!

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    Remastered Vehicles Update!

    The A.W.E. Striker, the Mauler M.B.T. Tank, and the L.A.W.!

    A.W.E. Striker (1985)
    Mauler M.B.T. Tank (1985)
    L.A.W. (1986)

    Thanks to Tim Mizak for his help in preparing this update!

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    Just wondering why the Mauler-the top picture is of the tank from the back and not the front view.

    Either way-these remastered pages look GREAT
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    I'm trying to roughly match the title bar view with the original box artwork. Same thing was done for the Cobra Night Landing (1985)
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    . .
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    It's really me not knowing for certain if the L.A.W. has appeared outside of the toyline proper. For all I know, it could have shown up in a children's book, stamp, lunchbox, etc. I did think about deleting that table, though. I suppose if enough people are in favor of it, I will.

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    Or maybe you can change it to "...the LAW may have appeared in various et cetera..."
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