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    i can help if needed, plenty of time on my hands

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    I'm interested in the photography position.

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    eBay drop off location employee (eBay username is the same)... I'll be taking pictures and listing items, and can fill in blanks/holes with what we've got in store to sell...

    person brought in "every" vehicle and figure from 1980-2001 you could get at KB Toys...

    Already taking pictures for eBay listings, might as well share them (so they get more than 7-10 days worth of use)...

    Just gimme an some info as to where and when you want the images, and i'll start dumping what i've got.

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    Like I said in another post I too am(or at least was)a photographer. I can help adjust the current pics. Also, I did some html too. So I could help update links and what not. I would find a real geek pleasure in adding the new accessories to the WHOBIT(sweet name and feature I must say).

    BTW, I sent you an email a while ago about some archive pics I took to help fill the holes. It probably got auto-junked. I'll give you the link to them here just in case:

    I swear I had them in a ZIP file. But now I can't see it up there. It's got 12" Major Bludd(all but dog tags), Wet Suit v3 all geared up, Laser Viper v1 all geared up, and Major Altitude(just realized he can't be ALL geared up without his chopper thingy, but MOSTLY geared up), Cobra Commander v4 geared up, Sonic Fighter Dial Tone and Dodger geared up. Although, to be fair I am missing the antennae on Dodgers backpack. And DANG its hard to get those guys to stand up while wearing those things!
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    Don't You Go Injecting Reality Into My Fantasy

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    Application submitted for whatever. Very active user and b/s/t'er. Lemme know if I can help out guys. Sgt at Arms perhaps? I can take care of dirty business if need be... lol. No remorse for the wicked! Oh but also, we (joint acct. wifey & myself) have professional photo equipment, software, and studio in our trophy room. Also have some limited html, xml, and bb coding knowledge. Just the basics on the latter. Post is a bit old, so I won't bother with a pm. Figure the mgmt will see it in their email. Also, doesn't help to be in good standing with every member I've dealt with, including modz. Always trolling around guys, so let us know if we can help in anyway. There's a reason yojoe has been our home page for a couple years now!
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    Send me a pm, we'll see what we can do!

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    Hi, I am a coder, I'd like to help you

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    Quote Originally Posted by Therin View Post
    Hi, I am a coder, I'd like to help you
    That is fantastic! We are in the need to have someone help us with app development.

    Please send me a private message on here and I will get you my contact information. Thanks!!

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    I'm not very good at coding. I do have a lot of experience with running forums and groups though, and I'm an IT tech if that would help at all. I'll be more than happy to be a mod, etc. if it's needed.


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