Need Some Advice On Selling.

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    Need Some Advice On Selling.

    I'm a long time collector, going on 15 years or so in the collectables game and I think my time has come to thin my collection out and call it a day.

    My wife and I have been discussing having a child and the fire I once felt during the hunt or even from opening my boxes from eBay has faded away.

    I have roughly about 200 GI Joe figures and plan to keep perhaps 50-60 of those figures. The majority of my collection (90-95%) are high grade (9.5-9.8.)

    Thing I'm worried about is some of these figures in grades this high are valued above what they are worth, if you know what I mean. I know that most likely I will be taking a loss when I sell, getting 75% of my investment back is something I've come to terms with.

    There is always a minority who take your prices as a personal attack and get offended when they see a figure priced above what they consider reasonable.

    My question is should I offer these to the board first and disregard those that would take offense or take my figures straight to eBay?

    Stormviper (aka evilspyderr)
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    I'd say post them here first and disregard what others say, I think everyone (or at least the majority) here knows what something is worth and as long as you ask fair prices, you should be all good - Great screenshot archive ;)

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    I'd say post here first with prices you think is fair to you. See what happens and if you don't receive offers then take it to ebay. No harm in that.

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