In celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the Battle Action Force comic will be giving away 25 comics of the brand new ACTION FORCE: RED DAWN comic series set to debut in print form soon
The top 25 posters on who has made at least 25 post between September 8th 2008 and October 8th 2008 ( 25 being 25th anniversary and all ) will be rewarded with an issue of RED DAWN.

The exact give out is as follows.
5 issues of RED DAWN #1
4 issues of RED DAWN #2
4 issues of RED DAWN #3
4 issues of RED DAWN #4
4 issues of RED DAWN #5
4 issues of RED DAWN #6

Jamar Miller will be selecting what issues to give to whom
Remember if your currently ranked as a top 25 poster on the boards but havent posted at least 25 times in the time given above you will be disqualified so if you havent posted in a long time , it might be a good idea to start posting again! ( this makes the contest VERY accessible to new members)

Winners will be announced on the morning of the 9th and to collect MUST contact jamarmiller within 30 days of October 8th 2008 with their address.

Winners must also pay for shipping . This is open to anywhere in the world but shipping must be covered by you!!

Okay everyone? any questions!
Happy 25th Anniversary everyone !!!! have fun and thanks to you all for making both and such a fun and amazing place to hang out .

Jamar Miller