Action Force: Best of COLLECTION VOLUME 1

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    Action Force: Best of COLLECTION VOLUME 1

    Great classic stuff collected and in color

    video of the book can be found on bloodforthebaron.coms forums if anyone is interested
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    I just wanted everyone to know that I just got a softcover edition made, So now you have a choice between soft cover ( which is about $18.00 USD cheaper now ) and the original hard cover.

    you also dont have to go through me anymore , you can go directly to the online store !! Ordering your copy directly from this store helps to maintain position as a non-profit website !

    Here is the Softcover edition ( check the new low price)

    and check here for the original Hardcover Edition
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    what years does the book cover? is it only action force or does it cover any of the gijoe related figures?
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    all the stories except two were chosen because they were stories that featured BOTH, so youll see familiar faces battleing the RED SHADOWS and Z force, SAS force and more

    So you can expect to see your favorites from BOTH ,in all of these stories (in this volume ) except two. One story is 100 percent AF and one is 100 percent post AF
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    A downloadable .cbr version is now available here.

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    Please click on the thumbs for a fullscreen version.

    This is an ongoing project to colour in all of the Battle Action Force strips, full details can be found here: Colouring Project. We release a new chapter every week.

    The site is strictly non-profit, though, so the only way to get a copy is directly from the publisher (meaning you don't get charged extra). We have a hardback and a softback version available. Direct links to the order forms can be found here: Order Form. There is a downloadable CDisplay version here: Action Force Best Of v1.

    We are putting together volume 2 as we speak. Watch this space for further developments: Volume 2. If you would like to be involved in the project please drop me a PM.


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