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    I was told today it is a set date and since there wasn't room for them already on the shelf, they wouldn't pull them out.

    I'll get one of my local Targets to pull them out this weekend.
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    Quote Originally Posted by John Missal
    I wsa about to say the same thing. As to street dated, are they street dated on the box or just the Planogram set date? If it's just the set date, then they can be sold early, if it's on the actual package from Hasbro, then they cannot be sold early. The Speed Racer end cap IS street dated from the manufacturer so its set date is an oddball day of Saturday night, but as far as i was aware, the 4/13 was just the set date for the revision to put the items on the shelf no later than that day.

    John M>
    The case I got this morning does have a sticker on it, among other identification info, the sticker says T-4/13 .....I'm assuming this is where people are getting the "street date" theory from?
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    I checked my nearby Target and they had none. I guess they haven't hit the southeast yet.

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    had them pulled for me from the back today, and a friend actually found them on the shelf at another Target.

    they are great. I didn't expect to like the Cobra vehicle driver as much as I do. can't wait for the HISS driver now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dockingbay97
    Well then - $9.99 does rock and is much less than I thought they would be. I still think if these sell well for Target, I would expect any future joe exclusives from them to be marked at a higher price point.

    I am bitter after years of SW exclusives if you can't tell.
    $9.99 was the price of the TRU HISS 3
    Mine I traded still had the price sticker on it.

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    25th AWE Striker?

    Can anyone confirm whether or not the 25th Striker is the exact same vehicle as the 1985 Striker?
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    Wow this is really exciting!

    Has this already been confirmed by Hasbro?

    Edit: Ooopsss, thought I read SkyStriker... Sorry...
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    The seat area as been retooled to fit the new figures.

    Hopefully I or someone else on the board will be able to get this toy this weekend and post some pictures of it.
    My eBay store with an over 12,000 feedback rating
    WANTED carded 1982-88 Joes for my collection

    You can’t stop the signal

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    i called my local target saying i seen it online, and i wanted to make sure they have this item before i drive to target.i gave her the number and she checked nothing, and she check the other ones in the area without me asking and nothing she was very helpful.i live in the midwest so next week will begin my hunt.

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    okay - yeah, if thats just the set date then ask away. i haven't seen them in store yet (checked today), so i assumed that by "street date" that it was like transformers, iron man, or speed racer. you'd better believe these are getting flexed when they come in.


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