Any info on cylon1997 (new ebay seller)???

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    Any info on cylon1997 (new ebay seller)???

    So this new seller popped up on ebay "cylon1997" selling an 82 Snake Eyes MOC that is sounds like it's in perfect condition. But the pics are super fuzzy, and his feedback is only at a (2), and was only at (1) when the item was listed. Looks like he listed a few more Joe stuff as well since then. All the pics appear to be consistent.

    If you look at his other auctions, they are all super high dollar items. But then again, he has a reserve on all of them. If you look at his completed auctions, many of these items were already listed once, and didn't meet the reserve, so he just relisted them. I would think if he were ripping people off, he would just let them go for whatever they sold for and run with the money.

    Any opinions on this would be most helpful. I'm thinking of bidding on his auction.

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    OK...weird!! Right after I posted this, I went to go get the link to his auction, and it's now an "invalid item". He actually had 5 items all ending in the next day or so, and now they are all gone from his listings. However, all his auctions ending in 2 days + are still there...???

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    Yeah, last time I looked, the Snake Eyes was gone, but the MISB MOBAT and the MOC Storm Shadow were still there. I deleted them from my watch list just the same.

    I'm always curious when a totally new seller comes along on EBay and immediately offers up two of the most desirable items in the whole Joe perfect MOC condition no less....
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    I actually called ebay, and all 5 of his items were pulled/cancelled by ebay for some type of listing violation. They wouldn't tell me what that was, of course. 2 of the 5 items have been relisted. The Snake Eyes was not one of them.

    He was able to send me hi-res photos, however. Even though the quality is horrible, they are definitely not blown up versions of another photo he stole from someone else. I do think the photos are legit.


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