Comprehensive Discount Thread!!

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    Exclamation Comprehensive Discount Thread!!

    Know of any HTS, Amazon, TRU promo codes for a discount?

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    $5 off coupon for TRU, valid till today.

    I did not see this on this site yet, If it has already been mention I apoligize.

    Here is a coupon for 5 dollars off when buying more than 25. Perfect for those guys looking to get the Nightwatch or ninja sets.

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    Current Hasbro toyshop code

    latest and greatest:
    10 percent off and free shipping
    expires April 30th 2008

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    Promo Code

    I don't know if this belongs here but the new promo code for Hasbrotoyshop online is SPRCAT8. This will get you 10% off and free shipping on your purchases of $50 or more.
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    $5 off $25 Target store coupon

    In case you need to get prepared for the exclusive vehicle release:
    ForceFull1's Cheap Joes and Transformers

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    Hasbro Toy Shop
    20% off any order
    My eBay store with an over 12,000 feedback rating
    WANTED carded 1982-88 Joes for my collection

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    New Ebay 10% off code!


    10% off an order up to $100 off max! Enjoy!

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    How long is it valid
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    Is this 10% off the winning price of an auction
    with the highest possible amount of the discount being $100 (i.e. if the price is more than $1000, you will just receive $100 off)
    if you pay with PayPal?
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