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    Give it some patience guys.
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    cool I hope they have a cool version of the def fiigures
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    Quote Originally Posted by cmderinchief
    Give it some patience guys.
    Patience! There's no patience on the internets and message boards!!!!

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    Not impressed! Hope the rest of the fig are better than that!

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    Sadly its still better than the original..

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    Gristle, I'll admit, was never a favorite character of mine. He seemed like a Dreadnok wannabee to me. But somehow this recoloration makes him look a lot more threatening and dangerous. I'm impressed!

    And that logo! HOO-boy. Although if they're planning to imprint that on the Stormtroopers someplace, and assume they're recoloring the original HeadHunter Stormtroopers, I think they may be hard-pressed to find a big enough area where it'll work and not be reduced to a size where they'll have to pass out microscopes at the Convention.

    As for that shadow -- interesting...

    Also, although I am generally not one to be overly attentive to accessories, I LOVE the painted detail on the accessories here! Also VERY impressive!
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    I like it so far
    the weapon is unique enough to be cool
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    Who does the paint schemes for the con figures? Gristle almost looks okay but what is with the gold paint?


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    Quote Originally Posted by dockingbay97
    That head sculpt just drives me crazy with that squinty, constipated grimace he is in - and those tiny little glasses just make it worse. It is just too silly - and the paint job of the original only made it look sillier to me. I just can't take that figure seriously. He is easily on my top five most disliked figures list.

    I do appreciate this paint job - it is much better than the original.

    However I am still scarred by how much I hate the original, I can't look past it with this one.

    It is just a personal taste of mine - and don't worry, I like a lot of figures other think are horrible
    Cool. I don't know why I like him so much, but I do.

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    It's still Vandalo to me. I wasn't a big fan of Gristle, but Vandalo had a little better paint job. Either way, I think the weapons are looking very promising, & goofy head sculpt or not, this color scheme is a huge improvement on the original.


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