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    Talking whatever they remake is what they remake..........marvel lege.................i guess

    lol.......a whole line dedicated to COBRA remakes............
    serpentor, crystal ball, zartan, techno viper, heat viper,
    who knows??

    my ideas always are towards making the next gijoe line

    like the marvel legends before they turned crappy.

    series, 1-12...........those legends figures were still good.


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    I seriously hope this isnt an idication of what the set will be like. I know we are all hoping for 86 bats but its not likely (that in itself would be a set seller) Grissle doesnt make me wanna re-new my membership which expires soon thats for sure. I have a bad feeling this set is gonna tank but i hope not!

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    Always doom and gloom. Give it some time. One figure does not a set make.
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    Talking gijoes.................25th

    I dont think I'm the only one

    who can complain about the 25th figures.

    I would take any of the 80's or 90's figures over

    them. They aren't the just isn't the same..........

    even the valor vs. venom 6 packs were more like the old 80's

    joes............oh well.........eventually the next line of GIJOE will come

    out and hopefully it's good!!!


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    rODDEad03, this thread is discussing the first convention figure preview. If you would like to discuss something else please post in an appropriate thread or start a new one.
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    I like Gristle. They certainly made the skull on his belt stand out.
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    Im a G.I.joe feind! please help!

    What do I do? I am a collector who enjoys everything about g.i. freakin joe!

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    Its Ok But Why Gristle?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Napy
    What do I do? I am a collector who enjoys everything about g.i. freakin joe!
    Were you curious about the convention figs? Like how to get them. There's lots more info on the front page. But they aren't priced for mortals. Shame.

    Also Gristle was the Headman's second, I believe. And the Headman was a pimptastic drug dealer the Joes fought in the D.E.F. subset.
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    I always liked the Headhunters, but it kinda bothered me how Hasbro started mergingthem into Cobra. Gristle even got released later as a Cobra instead of a headhunter.

    In my head, i rationalized it by thinking that Gristle turned on Headman and sold him out to Cobra Commander. It makes sense, since in the comics CC recently had Headman bumped off when he sent the Night Creepers to break all those guys out of the Coffin (the Joe prison). It also makes since that CC would put Gristle in charge of the new 'Cobra' Headhunters since their old leader ain't around no more.
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