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    I never heard of that store before.

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    That's the place that sells the $15 Stephon Marbury basketball shoes, right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ford
    That's the place that sells the $15 Stephon Marbury basketball shoes, right?
    Yes, though they were mostly $9 when I went there last (a few months ago).

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    Cool cool....

    Quote Originally Posted by karamazov80
    So, I went to the mall on the shady part of town tonight, and they had this store called "Steve and Barry's." Some of you may have heard of this place, I never have before tonight. Anyway, I went in there, and just about everything in the store was 9 dollars. But it was decent stuff. Jackets with college logos on them, basketball jerseys, jeans, some pretty nice-looking shirts, even tennis shoes made by Stephon Marbury.

    Anyway, to the point, they had a t-shirt with a large Cobra symbol print on it and a long-sleeve shirt with a GI Joe logo (RAH version--they also had a shirt with an old, 1960s GI Joe logo on it). These shirts were 9 bucks each, or 2 for 15 dollars. They also had Transformers stuff (I got myself a Megatron shirt), comic book prints, like the cover to Fantastic Four #4, and all kinds of other stuff. There were hundreds of these novelty shirts there, and they were 2 for 15 bucks. Not a bad deal at all.

    Thats funny.. I have a Steve and Barry's close to where I live here in South Bend, Indiana, ..I bought the same excact t-shirts as you did, ..well besides the transformers t-shirt (never liked transformers). .

    Anyways, I didn't know they had Steve and Barry's down in Louisiana. Wow!

    - CL

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    If anyone has a Steve and Barry's in their area and is willing to sell a couple shirts to someone like Me who does not have a S and B's in their area...then lmk. Not for jacked up prices but, if You are willing to be fair then message Me. Thanks!

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