My list is an Excel-workbook divided into "figures", "accessories", "vehicles", "spare parts" and "wantlist"

Latest additions: spareparts, some figures.

If you see anything interesting, just mail me the item(s) you are interested in and your offer! [email protected].

Please put "Tradelist" or equivalent in the subjectline. Blank topics are filtered out by spamfilter. Mail that originates from USA, South America and Asia will be scanned extra thoroughly. Sorry for the inconvencience, but I really hate spam and these countries really send too much!

All listed items are for sale, but accessories are mainly intended for trading purposes! If you buy some stuff I might be willing to sell some accessories on the side. I don't just sell accessories!

Check my wantlist, some of these items are really, really wanted! Don't bother asking for a bipod or a part when I have the whole thing listed! Please don't offer me things I don't have on my want list.

Keep in mind that items will be despatched from Europa. I will always use lowest fares possible. Free GI Joe t-shirt with any order over $50 USD, not counting p&p. Shirt is a children's size, so for collecting purposes only and will be picked randomly. Offer while stock lasts.

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