Has anyone ever...


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    Has anyone ever...

    sent a driver sealed in its bubble to AFA for grading? I'd like to get something graded in the standard red backed driver bubble (keeping it in the bubble of course, not taken out for a U grade), but I'm not sure what to fill out on the forms. Can anyone help on this?

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    I just thought I would answer your question on grading the drivers in the bubble thing. There is actually a box or place you can check off toward the end of the AFA paperwork that says do you want this graded in its bubble or opened?

    A word of caution though:
    with all of these figures having their o-rings snap over time, it might be better to open the figure and put in a new o-ring and then get it graded. I'm saying this because it would stink to get this item graded and have it either shipped back to you with a broken o-ring or have the o-ring snap after its been graded. If you put the new o-ring in propery the item should be good for a long time. I'm just really cautious of getting figures graded with 20 year old o-rings.

    Can I ask, what figure did you want to get graded? That's also a huge factor on what to do. I mean whether it's rare or not.

    Hope this Helps?
    He's the Master of Disguise-Zartan!!!

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    Thanks for the help Zartanmaniac. It's a MISBubble Viper Pilot I'm thinking about grading. I'll check on their site again. Whatever came of the deal with all the MIB stuff the guy had?


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