Wanted: 1 Terror Drome Turret Base!


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    Wanted: 1 Terror Drome Turret Base!

    Thanks to all who have helped me on my way to completing this Terror Drome!
    I am down to just one Turret Base (Blue piece that holds up the large gun turret) to complete this thing!! If you can help please PM me! I can buy or trade. I have every single MOC 25th Figure from wave 1 - 7 & some of wave 8 so email me your list!

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    Bump please!

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    Updated with a complete list. Thanks!

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    Bump! Still need these parts.

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    A little updated bump!

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    Another update & bump!

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    Thanks to everyone here who has helped me out so far! I only need a few more parts, PM me if you can help! Thanks!

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    Bump Please!

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    pm'ed you

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    Quote Originally Posted by ducksausage31
    pm'ed you
    PM sent back! Thanks!


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