Cobra Sabotuer Kit

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    Cobra Sabotuer Kit

    Does anyone have picture(s) of the Cobra Sabotuer kit? I could have sworn I saw a picture in someones collection on this board, but I cannot find anything in the list of toys on the site.

    Also, how rare are these? (I really want one, but don't want to have to sell a kidney to get it.)

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    I moved your thread over to this category where these is a lengthy thread about it. You should be able to find out a lot of what you need to know about it here =>
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    i have mine packed away and im not sure where at. ive only seen it on ebay twice in the last five years. i think i bought it for around $20 bucks but it was missing the tools. the medic kit ive seen more often and i think i bought mine complete with box for around $20 also.
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    I picked up mine for about $180-200 I think on ebay several years ago. Someone had listed a lot of the more rare collectibles at the same time so the prices were pretty high since everybody was going for them ( I also managed to pick up the Medic Kit at the same time).

    I have pics of my kit and they will be added to a website I am launching soon. If you want the pics sooner just email me at dmooretoys @ (remove spaces--darn spambots!).

    You have good taste--this is one of the most sought after collectibles in mint condition.

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