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    Deadbeat newbie
    WANTED: Two (2) clear visors

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    Wow this is the first time I've had to post here. This guy just bid, won, and didn't pay. I sent multiple messages to him, zero response.

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    Guy begged me to sell him an item on eBay (lives ib Brazil) and guess what?

    Yup---dirtbag says he never received it even though the Post Office says they attempted delivery.

    Avoid the inevitable headache and block him now!

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    WANTED: Two (2) clear visors

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    My PO also says 'attempted delivery' which means they are supposed to leave you a pick up card. They screw that up all the time. Not saying that's what happened; but if it doesn't say delivered its not delivered. It sucks.

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    A real problem I have noticed a lot on here(just in the forums here) is that a lot of bad bidders are outside the United States. Stop bidding with people outside the United States. It really seems like they are shysters. I'm sure some are from the United States but I have seen multiple on here from outside the United States.

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    Deadbeat bidder


    italian ebayer. He pays then claim to Paypal and he send back worst similar items.
    i sold him lot of cobra officers, he claimed telling Paypal figs were discolored and with some broken parts. Its of course complety wrong! But he send me BACK discolored and broken crotch figures!! And kept the good ones!
    i have alerted Paypal and eBay customers services yesterday.
    but one advise : block him and told your friends to block him too.
    will post to hiss tank too.

    Block this ebayer dario.papetti

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yojoe06580 View Post
    Deadbeat bidder


    italian ebayer. He pays then claim to Paypal and he send back worst similar items.
    i sold him lot of cobra officers, he claimed telling Paypal figs were discolored and with some broken parts. Its of course complety wrong! But he send me BACK discolored and broken crotch figures!! And kept the good ones!
    i have alerted Paypal and eBay customers services yesterday.
    but one advise : block him and told your friends to block him too.
    will post to hiss tank too.

    Block this ebayer dario.papetti
    I have specifically blocked anyone from Italy from bidding on my auctions. This us a result of their unreliable post office and other related issues that were not worth the hassle. I probably did this 3+ years ago.
    WANTED: Two (2) clear visors

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    Bid retracted?

    Long time lurker, I just signed up in the forum a week ago. Anyone had a bid canceled on an item they have up for auction? Just had that happened and while the email claims I can see the reason if I go to the item, I don't see the reason. Maybe this person was a deadbeat. I sadly don't recall his profile name.

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    To see it, you have to go to the bids link. Scroll down past any existing bids and it should be there at the bottom.

    I had another weird one from Brazil a couple of years ago, the user ID is sideswipe-viper. He put a US address so that I invoiced him for domestic, then changed the sales record to show his international address. I called ebay and they said he can't change it after the auction and I asked if they could see previous addresses. They said yes, and I asked if they saw the New Hampshire one, which they could. I pointed out that there's no way I would know his previous address was in New Hampshire unless he changed it after the invoice was sent. He then tried to tell me he didn't owe me any more money and I offered to cancel the transaction, and he paid. Then their crap post office didn't show any scans once it arrived in country so he filed a claim and got all of his money back anyway.

    Anybody wanna take a trip to Brazil?

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    Dodged a bullet big time on this one

    Hi Guys,
    Well after just having an "experience" with a questionable ebayer, which I regard as me dodging a bullet and then some, I thought it was worth giving people here a heads up.

    Today I bit the bullet and decided to list my MOTUC stuff on ebay to get rid of it, when I received the following message from bunman2005 regarding the sealed MOTUC Fisto and sealed MOTUC Kobra Kahn I listed:

    id give ya 200 cash for fisto kobra khan and if you have triklops and whiplash and ram man another 300
    let me know
    To which I responded with:

    Sorry but $200 for Fisto and Kobra Kahn is a bit on the lowball side of things.
    What I got back was the following response:

    not really a kobra khan sold for 75 and fisto is 125 to 150
    and I was paying cash
    hav you got other figs I asked for
    and whats your best price then
    A quick check showed those claims were false, so I responded with the following:

    Actually the low end of completed listing prices for sealed Fistos on ebay $165 and up (the average falls around the $190 mark). In fact one went on auction for $253 (179 euros) only 4 days ago- so nice try.

    As for Kobra Kahn, you need to check the listings again. There's currently an auction with 21 hours to go which is already at over $80 (the only other sealed Classics Kobra Kahn on ebay I'll add). Considering that most auctions take off during the last half hour, I wouldn't be surprised if it sells for over the $100 mark. Furthermore if you were to win that auction, you'd be looking at $40 in shipping fees- a good $10 more than the combined total of what I have on the listing amount.

    Under the circumstances and considering that ebay wants a 10% cut of the final amount, I'd consider maybe taking $5-$10 off each. Let me know if you're ok with that, however I suspect we're too far apart on this one.

    As for the other figures you asked about, I don't have them.
    In case anyone is wondering here are a few completed listings for Fisto - including the auction which went for $253, as well as that auction for Kobra Kahn.

    At this point, I was getting a gut feeling that the guy could be trouble, so I checked his feedback - specifically the "feedback left for others" section, which revealed a couple of troubling transactions:

    Horrible Dishonest Seller ,Accepted offer ,then backed out of sale ,Dont trust! Seller:
    Member id narcissist23 ( Feedback Score Of 533Purple star icon for feedback score in between 500 to 999)
    29-Jul-14 18:52

    Reply by narcissist23 (01-Aug-14 22:46):
    Bought item thru global and refused to pay, then asked me to violate Ebay policy
    Horrible Seller , Offered free shipping, then tryed to charge me for it E---- Seller:
    Member id a1onlineshop ( Feedback Score Of 116Teal star icon for feedback score in between 100 to 499)
    15-Jul-14 20:42

    Reply by a1onlineshop (25-Jul-14 12:12):
    Buyer wanted a better price by offer to buy large quanity and ended up buy one.
    As things weren't sitting well with me, I sent the following additional reply:

    Actually, after giving it some thought, I've decided to go with my gut and block you from buying. Your hardball/lowball approach was giving me a gut feeling that you could be trouble to deal with, and after looking at the feedback you left for others and a couple of responses from sellers - which seem to indicate similar patterns to what I've encountered with you - I've come to the conclusion that I probably should listen to my gut on this one. I realise that this will disappoint you, but as I'm just a collector trying to refocus their collection and not a business, I can't afford to take the risk I'm sorry. I wish you all the best in finding the figures elsewhere.
    A few minutes ago, I got the following response which simply confirmed I'd made the right decision:

    What are you a spy How dare you insult me you don t know me from a bar of soap
    I would nt buy off you at that price anyway I v e been collecting for too long to overpay on items from rip offs like yourself . I was straight up with the price I wanted too pay ...and I told you what it was
    What I ve discovered motuc sellers are dreamers ..its a toy man... wake up ...a toy
    I buy marvel statues for under $200 .... I would nt pay $200 for a crappy motuc toy
    Don't ever email someone and talk like your something
    selling motuc toys grow up
    and send you the link on what I told you sales were big mouth
    I posted the following response, thinking it would be the end of things.

    Thankyou for just confirming the decision to block you from buying was the right one. Your abusive response here has simply confirmed that you would be nothing but trouble to deal with. It's highly telling that you tell me to "grow up" and accuse me of being a "rip-off" in an act which amounts to a childish tantrum because I refuse to rip myself off by letting you low-ball me. Please don't ever contact me again.
    I was wrong:

    Ebay filling up with cocky heros
    egg on your face .....ha my prices were spot on I was nt lowballing anyone ..fair and reasonable is how I work
    Also you don't have to block me I would nt buy off you in a million years dreamer

    And let me remind you rudey Don't you ever contact someone accusing off something when you don't know the half
    the bad feedback left for triklops cos seller backed out of sale read my comment ..I wanted him it a good price
    I will ring up and have them comments removed
    and the other seller offered free shipping and went back on there word so I left the appropriate feedback
    look at all my other feedback I m a top end buyer ...rare collectibles I pay inastant I have money
    not crappy little motuc toys dodgy sellers asking big bucks
    these motuc worth 25 bucks and to me that's all there still worth
    I've just sent the following reply and if they continue their harassing messages, I'll be reporting them as I threatened:

    At this point, all you're doing is proving yourself to be a pushy and abusive buyer and confirming my decision even more. Furthermore, the fact that you're accusing me of lying about prices when the Kobra Kahn auction I referred to can currently be found on and the Fisto prices can be found on completed listings, is simply reassuring me further about just how much I dodged a bullet by blocking you.

    At this point I am regarding your communication with me as harassment. If you contact me again, I will be reporting you to ebay for harrassment.
    Their badgering continues:

    sellers like you who think there too smart over inflating prices
    kobra khan

    Masters OF THE Universe Classics Kobra Khan Evil Master OF Snakes Unopened | eBay

    fisto completed listing ... theres been a few at 125 not saying they don't go at 150 either
    I don't like getting ripped off so I wait for the right price
    ebay you se to show completed items from months ago not anymore
    last one I seen $125

    Mattel Mattycollector Masters of The Universe Classics MOTUC Fisto New SEALED | eBay

    so what you saying
    watch your mouth next time hero ..I emailed you for business give you a sale
    dont reply to me saying I m bad when I m 100% feedback buyer
    I only leave bad feedback when shonkys like you try to be shifty
    At this point, I was left with no alternative but to respond with the following:

    You have politely been told I do not wish to deal with you and after being asked multiple times to desist from contacting me, you still continue to harrass me. I am reporting all your messages to me to ebay as what they are - which is blatant harrassment. I would also remind you that such an act is in breach of code 474.17 of federal law - "Using a carriage service to menace, harass or cause offence" which carries a maximum imprisonment period of 3 years. At this point, either you respect my wishes and desist with your harrassment or I look at bringing the police into this. The choice is yours.
    I'll leave it up to members here as to what they do with this, but I thought it was worth giving people a heads up.


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