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    I'm glad it's not just me. I saw the unprovoked attack on Stalker7actual and my initial response was one of "WTF" followed shortly thereafter to slowly back away from the thread. Honestly PPFS, all you've done here is embarrass yourself.

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    Got another one. Ebay user ninjedi9 in Canada bid on Sigma 6 Snake Eyes accessories. A month after shipping, they came back because he requested items be held for pick up and then never bothered to pick them up. I asked if he still wanted them and he asked if they were metal or plastic. Really? Wait a month until it's all the way back to the country it was sent from and then ask stupid questions, yeah, great way to conduct business.

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    Just blocked another one - ebay ID: ironball01. Bid and lost, sent him a 2nd chance offer and he ignored, then bid on another item, invoiced him, didn't pay, sent non-payment and he sent me a pissy email about how it's a holiday weekend (um, weekend after a weekday holiday isn't the same thing, and he had plenty of time to play on ebay without bidding). Plenty of people forget to pay. I forget to pay if I'm looking at a bunch of other stuff to bid on. It happens. Don't bitch at people because you didn't pay for stuff you bought though, that really boils my blood.

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    Watch out for ebay user: proticketshere

    He asked me to seperate out a piece from a lot, He asked about how well a clip held, I answered promptly. I quoted him a price and he agreed to the price. I put the listing up contacted him with the listing information and then radio silence. Cost me a whopping $.30 and 10 minutes of time to set up the speciality auction so I'm not out alot, it's the principle of it. Don't do this guy any favors.

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    Hey guys,

    This post comes with a caveat. If you have no problem shipping internationally, then this guy seems fine.

    I state in my auctions that I only ship to the USA due to problems I've encountered in the past with various customs offices in various countries. This guy bid and won an auction for an item, but he is in Mexico. I sent him a message, asking if he knew anyone in the US that could accept his package since I don't ship internationally. Never heard back from him. I opened a non-paying buyer claim after a few attempts to contact him to no avail, and he wrote me back apologizing, stating that he knew no one in the US for me to ship to and that he did not speak English well. He asked if I would be willing to send it to Mexico anyway, and that he would pay the freight. Well, I don't need to start back down that road again, so I told him no. He was polite and courteous, the final value fees were refunded, and I was able to relist. Still, it was something of a hassle.

    So, if you will ship internationally, then by all means sell to this guy. But if you have a policy of not doing so, it might be best to block him just so you don't have the hassle.

    Again, his username is daniemx_r3spvdd2

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    Block this person: nightforce6682

    This person won an auction and gave me the tired, "Oh, my two-year-old kid bid on this and bought this accidentally." Really? Your two-year-old kid knows how to bid in $1.00 increments on 6 separate occasions in the final minutes of an auction? And your two-year-old kid is really into Transformers products aimed at adult collectors?

    Good grief. It's bad enough to get a deadbeat bidder. It's even more insulting to get a story like this on top of it.

    In the future, all deadbeat bidders should just write, "You know what, I'm a jackass. Sorry I cost you time and money because I can't decide what I really want, and I have no problems with your paying for my indecisiveness." Copy and paste.

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    Wow this was a great thread to read before buying anything from ebay! thank you all!

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    Deadbeat bidders on Ebay

    Hi..Can some here onforum explain to me why some sellers on eBay not sell and trade with Europeans Denmark, I pay as well as everyone else,isnt it not just to receive the money over paypal and send it from the post office, the seller gotta send it out anyway ?I do not get it Kim

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peterhetle View Post
    Hi..Can some here onforum explain to me why some sellers on eBay not sell and trade with Europeans Denmark, I pay as well as everyone else,isnt it not just to receive the money over paypal and send it from the post office, the seller gotta send it out anyway ?I do not get it Kim
    hi peter, i will tell you why i don't like doing it unless i know the buyer (from prior transactions). international shipping is expensive (roughly 4 times the domestic rates for what i sell). and international tracking is very questionable, meaning sometimes the international post offices do not update the tracking information. and if the customer says they never received an item, and your tracking isn't updated, ebay will make you replace the item or refund the purchase. it's too big of a risk.
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