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    Quote Originally Posted by Super Sport
    I give buyers a week and then automatically file an NPB. If the buyer's legit, I find the NPB really gets the ball rolling, and if it really is a deadbeat situation, filing the NPB early assures that I'm only out the two weeks.
    "Oh..that tihs is on..."

    The bad part is: a strike for them doesn't hurt as bad as negative feedback left for me!

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    Deadbeat Bidder add to Block List jungla_tf

    His name is jungla_tf he is from Spain. He does private feedback. He has all of these requirements for shipping to save him money. I do everything he asks, shipped it express mail international, and refunded his money for the extra he paid in shipping and he still leaves me neutral feedback. Beware

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    I have one better for you all. WATCH your DSR ratings.

    The people that are non-paying bidders, and the ones that leave negatives are also giving you low ratings in the DSR section. If it falls below 4.1 in any section, you'll be kicked off ebay for anywhere from 30 days to 12 months.

    It just happened me this past week. Since I'm in Canada, I've slowly been getting lower ratings on Shipping time. (which, in my opinion should only count towards sales in your home country).

    My most recent NPB not only left me a negative, but all low DSRs. I watched my rating go down in all sections within 1 day.

    That neg was removed from ebay because I complained in the live-chat help section. The bidder had a 0 rating, bid on nothing else, and signed up the day my auction started. Failed to email me, had a fake phone number on his account, etc etc.

    While they removed the neg from my feedback, they said they can't do anything about the DSR - so keep an eye on your DSRs.

    In the past, I've had 6 people try to claim their item didn't arrive. When I produced the tracking info to PayPal/ebay, it was ruled in my favour - but the DSR's were still left from the buyer. So, beware. You're going to be screwed regardless now.
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    I dont know what ebay was thinking when they came up with the sellers cant leave negs policys,
    It is bad enough that the buyer can pay with paypal through a credit card then claim that the item is not as advertised and get a refund and with out even returning the item at that. now you cant leave a negative for non payment??? then when you do file NPB they cancel the neg but not the DSR??? ebay is about to fall face first with their screwy rules. I guess the only thing you can do about it is complain complain complain and maby they will see the light, in the mean time "unless they have changed that rule" 3 NPBs and you are NARUed, so soon as you think you have a NPB report it.

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    Question Another to block

    I am tired of ebay and there policies. I am almost done collecting then I am going to quit. It takes allot of the fun out of it. You are always trying to protect yourself and you still get screwed with their policies. It has changed allot. In the last month I have gotten neutral, and I got my first negative today. My shipping practices havent changed at all. I even reduced my shipping.

    So I got a negative for the Filecard supposedly damaged in shipping like its my fault and you didnt pay for insurance. Its in a bubble mailer and you paid $3.50 for shipping what do you want. He also said that I sent him assesory pack items. LOL dude look at the pictures since when is a dark green backpack for Flash assesory. His name is weespeeples. Beware !!!!! He will give you a negative without even giving you a chance to remedy any problem. Whatever.

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    Well, for the second person; the one whose wife wouldn't let him pay, I guess we know who wears the pants in that relationship, huh?

    Someone should tell that guy that if he bids, he has to pay; no matter what the wife says. I'll bet he doesn't get that mad whenever his wife buys a new pair of shoes.

    I thought I heard of every no-pay excuse out there, but this one takes the cake!

    Quote Originally Posted by dominic.18
    ive had a lot more recently also. since april ive had four npb filed. one was a little kid, one was a guy whose upset wife wouldnt let him pay me, and the other two just didnt respond.
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    nightforceoutback, I just wanted to share an experience I had with one of these sellers on your list. You say to avoid richardhell, now I beg to differ on that one. The last transaction I had on eBay was with him and everything went fine. I won a 1982 straight arm Cobra Commander from him and he shipped it very fast and he even done me a favor; he ended the auction early to sell me to my high bid price. If it weren't for richardhell, I wouldn't have my set of 16 straight arm G.I. Joes.

    This is just my testimony on him, I had a great transaction with him and I don't know about any of his other business as a seller/buyer, but I had a good one with him...

    Quote Originally Posted by nightforceoutback11
    Here are a couple more jobbers for the list!!

    • anmoliv-br
    • dustairr aka dangerousdustin
    • rogerjavablue
    • richardhell

    avoid these jobbers at all costs.
    G.I. Joe is more than a hobby... It is a way of life!!

    Up to date trade feedback score (as of 6/16/09): +7 (out of 7 overall trades)

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    Beware of glenndamian

    Sellers beware of glenndamian or Glenn Jagoo. He won 2 of my auctions, then promptly emailed me he couln't pay. Block him so you don't waste your time.

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    Two non-payers who will leave you negs, It wouldn't surprise me if they have other accounts and use these newer ones to wreck feedback.


    ok Buyer:jeffdom94
    27-Aug-09 18:48
    • Reply by tintin-3726 (27-Aug-09 20:30):

      Yet again another Non-payer allowed to leave feedback! Well done feebay.
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    ok Buyer: jeffdom94
    27-Aug-09 18:48
    • Reply by tintin-3726 (27-Aug-09 20:34):

      If you live outside France he will not pay due to .... custom charges?
    ACTION FORCE G.I. JOE SHOCKWAVE COMPLETE (#370219637854)£6.50 View Item

    tryed to pay by standing order.. Buyer: heaver3
    16-Jul-09 19:34
    • Reply by tintin-3726 (16-Jul-09 21:38):

      Didn't try to pay at all, only responded to dispute so that he could leave a neg
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    heres a name to add to the list


    deadbeat bidder
    never responded to any of my emails,never paid
    1st deadbeat ive had this year thank god
    Always Buying collections just pm me


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