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    blocked for the simple fact that the cheap overseas buyers don't ever want to pay of PI, which often has me scrounging for boxes, which sucks.

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    E-bay toy sellers be sure to add;


    to your blocked bidder list. This genius likes to leave negatives on .99 cent transactions. This is the old "payment is in the mail" stunt. Pretty sad.
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    Don't sell to christy419 they purchased a tomahawk off of me and then claimed it was broken and they would return it after i refunded the purchase price. now they refuse to return it and I'm out the money and a complete tomahawk with complete lift ticket.
    They say it is ok to talk to yourself as long as you don't answer. But sometimes you need to have intelligent conversations.

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    2 more to add to the non-paying list:


    No replies to several messages and obviously no payment received from either of them...
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    And I'm always on the lookout for any Dutch or Dutch/French Joe items

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    ebay sellers... add isk79toys to your blocked list. This guy is a fraud. Opens case to ebay and tells lies about item being damaged.

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    watch out for Leon Bryant (caroleon620)

    This guy is a loser.
    No contact at all.
    Keeps my money for two weeks and never sends.
    Then finally refunds and asks for more money. STAY AWAY from this one.

    e-bay ID:caroleon620
    name: Leon Bryant
    e-mail: [email protected]

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    Like many of you I have had 100% feedback for many years until recently when I received my first neutral from a difficult buyer - 7696dee

    The terms and conditions of my auctions clearly state that international buyers are welcome but they should contact me immediatley after the auction to work out shipping, 7696dee ignored this request and as a consequence delayed shipping.

    Five other auctions ended at the same time as the auction that 7696dee won. A few of which were won by international bidders who followed the terms and conditions of the auction and their items were posted swiftly.

    I politely chased up 7696dee and I received an agressive and dismissive response in that "why should I have to contact you". I ignored the manner of the response and asked if he would like insurance/tracking, which he declined.

    I then provided a shipping quote and 7696dee paid on the 8th December '10. I posted two days later on the 12th December '10, I still have the certificate of posting.

    I then received neutral feedback on the basis of slow shipping. Prior to leaving feedback 7696dee had not contacted me to say that he not have his item. Is it not courtsey to contact the seller with a problem before leaving feedback, everything can be resolved by communication?

    I made some enquiries with regards to the delay and found that eBay had posted warnings of delays in shipping as a result of extreme weather conditions and had appealed to buyers to be patient via the feedback page. I informed 7696dee of the weather delays and that I thought his feedback was unfair.

    Several appeals and attempts at reasoning later and 7696dee is maintaining neutral feedback and blaming me for slow shipping. This despite him delaying shipping by breaking the terms and conditions of the auction, my shipping within two days of payment, weather conditions beyond my control and 7696dee not communicating any problem.

    The matter ended with me asking 7696dee that if he was going to maintain his feedback then at least offer me the courstsey to explain why he has right to rate the transaction when he broke the terms and conditions of the auction? I'm still waiting for a reply, a difficult buyer to say the least with potential to be even more difficult for someone else.

    The next one is a simple none paying bidder with no communication - luciano.scifi
    "I would like to drink a toast to Batman... Shuperman... and the Human Torch. AH-HA-HA!" Billy Buddusky

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    Don't worry about a nuetral, they don't affect your rating anymore. You can always leave a counter note on the feedback if you want.

    dominic.18 Don't sell to christy419 they purchased a tomahawk off of me and then claimed it was broken and they would return it after i refunded the purchase price. now they refuse to return it and I'm out the money and a complete tomahawk with complete lift ticket.
    Dom: never refund until they have shipped your item back. I have ran into this situation before where the buyer claims it was broken. I just tell them to ship it back for a full refund. If they file a claim, these are the same rules paypal requires. If it was a legitimate breakage due to your error, you can refund shipping, but your choice not theirs or paypals.

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    Member id april021881

    "Dear mycargoesfast,

    hey there dude
    i thought that i was bidding on the cobra commander file card,
    it all happend so quick that i just didnt look what i was bidding on, so i do not need this item.
    i hope you understand and eccept my deepest appology
    thank you so much

    - april021881"

    Sorry dude, you are now on my blocked bidder list for being a non-paying bidder.

    ***New update, after a month or so good old ebay allowed this person to leave me negative feedback. Awesome, I love ebay!***

    ***Newest update, I went through the hoops and got the negative feedback expunged, block this clown as fast as you can. Good luck getting those parts now april021881***

    Last edited by mycargoesfast; 03-17-2011 at 11:12 AM. Reason: update to situation

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    pike56 newbie with high expectations?

    I'm having a bad month, It was Pike56's first auction so I don't think he bothered to read the shipping terms to Canada. Just saying careful with this guy, he doesn't read terms and conditions and leaves neutral feedback even if you ship fast and protect the items well and oh yeah represent your item properly.... but what do those things matter?????? Please ebay let me block bidders with zero ratings!!!!!!! I'm sick of training in newbies.


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