Comic Pack Wave 5 Previews!

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    Comic Pack Wave 5 Previews!

    Images of the upcoming comic packs, featuring Nemesis Immortal vs. Lt. Falcon, Iron Grenadier and Destro, and Cobra Commander vs. Tripwire!

    Nemesis Immortal vs. Lt. Falcon Iron Grenadier and Destro Cobra Commander vs. Tripwire

    Images used with permission of the photos' owner.

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    Way to do it properly with permission!
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    I'm not all that thrilled about "Nemesis Immortal", but I'll have plenty of extra Cobra Commanders because that Tripwire will make an EXCELLENT Greenshirt!

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    It'll be very interesting to see how Hama incorporates Cobra La into his mythos. I am actually looking forward to this; recall how his treatment of Serpentor differed from the cartoon and how he made it somewhat more feasible.

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    Just out of curiosity, who owns those pics? Hasbro?
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    Finally an IG. that will be sweet to army build a little lol.

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    I will be buying the first pack JUST FOR Nemsis Enforcer!


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