ViperCon is upon you!

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    ViperCon is upon you!

    Since I know the file card is really difficult to read, I took the liberty of writing it all down here for your viewing pleasure.
    Code Name;
    Snow Serpent
    Polar Assault - Tropical Eels Training
    File Name: Classified
    Primary Military Specialty: Arctic Operations
    Secondary Military Specialty: Beach Warfare
    By training, SNOW SERPENTS are the cold weather specialists of the EELS branch of the COBRA hierarchy.
    This is why being in Miami for a month of grueling EELS training is such a fit punishment for them.
    Failing to de-ice the helicopter pad at COBRA’S arctic base, causing COBRA COMMANDER to slip and
    fall twice, they found themselves banished to the sweltering beaches of Miami. Unbeknownst to them,
    a nearby ARBCO warehouse was having problems of its own. A pack of Polar Bears under DR VENOM’S
    Brain Control Devices have broken out of their cages and are loose on the Miami streets leaving a path
    of destruction in their wake. The SNOW SERPENTS find themselves the only ones between the Polar
    Bears and the COBRA Spring Break Bikini Contest. With the Polar Bears “bearing” down on them, they
    know they’re in for the fight of their lives!
    SNOW SERPENTS are dressed and ready-to-go into any environment at COBRA COMMANDER’S whim.
    Special face covering protect each SNOW SERPENT from the extreme environmental elements they
    encounter and they can only ingest fluids through a straw. To fight off scurvy, they add supplements
    to their liquids to ensure longer performance through the use of natural vitamins. Highly trained in all
    forms of the former Warsaw Pact weaponry, they are also extreme marksmen with beach towel snapping.
    Other aspects of their training include airborne ops, anti-tank procedures, and use of snow shoes,
    flip-flops, skis, kayaks, surf boards and beach balls.
    From the files of SSgt. Craig McConnel: “Surfing in winter gear? Clearly these guys are nuts!”
    Visit the official GI Joe Collector’s Club Website at
    And finally, a note about ViperCon:
    ViperCon is the annual Viper Appreciation Convention put on by Cobra Commander for his loyal troops. This year ViperCon is being held in conjunction with the GI Joe Collector's Convention in an attempt to sway the masses away from the evil GI Joe organization and into the polite, soft, gentle and helpful hands of Arbco Industries, serving all of your consumer, financial, religious and political needs since 1983.

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    Hey, that was fun!!! Thanks for sharing with us!

    I never would have thought to put that figure together, but it works in a fun kind of way!

    Take care and thanks again,

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    Thumbs up

    Yep, that one is great - keep 'em coming!
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    Thumbs up hilarious

    Lol, nice figure, and funny filecard too! - Great screenshot archive ;)

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    Is that a complete custom paint job on the upper body of the Snow Serpent?

    JohN M>
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    it looks like the club artic figure. great job on that custom btw. i guess even troopers gotta relax. whats the bear from?
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    I recognise the bear is from a new movie line, I think it was the Golden Compass.
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    Awesome custom! and bear.


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