1987 G.I. Joe poster


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    1987 G.I. Joe poster

    I just bought a G.I. Joe poster. It is red with the Joe logo across the top. In the center are Snake Eyes with Timber, Road Block, Lady Jaye, Rip Cord, and Torpedo. It is dated 1987. I paid $22 for it. It is in perfect shape. No tears, no pin holes, nothing! Was this a good deal? Is this a rare poster?

    EDIT: I found the poster in the archives. I still would like to know if this is a hard poster to find and what its value might be. I could find none on Ebay currently or completed.


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    FYI, that picture is the cover to GI Joe Yearbook #2.


    From what I've seen, the value of less common stuff like that varies from case to case. One on eBay might end for $30, one might end for $10, just depending on who sees it and who wants it. I doubt that the demand for something like that would be so high that it would be worth some obscene amount of money or anything, though.

    But, I haven't seen that particular poster on eBay, so I'm just speculating based on similar types of things. I think that it is definitely worth what you paid just because it's cool, but I personally wouldn't pay much more for it.

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    I got one 6 years ago at Al's comics in stockton for like 8 bucks. Hvent seen another since, so as always it's worth what you think its worth
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